Tuesday, December 14, 2004


There's lots of cool japanese art and picture sites out there. Unfortunately, I can't read any of it. I tried to teach myself japanese years ago.. but was eventually stymied, mostly by verb tenses. I need to find someone who reads fluent japanese to translate these things for me. Anybody out there?

On another note, got that extended return of the king dvd today. The movies are somewhat poignant for me, as my dad was always a huge lotr fan. He was excited about the movies and we went to see the first one, but he never got to see the last two. Things left undone.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Tree time!

I'm so sore. All over. Yesterday I woke up with an inclination to get all creative and stuff. So, I went and got a paint sprayer, a gallon of black latex housepaint, and a fake xmas tree. Branch by branch, I sprayed that tree down and hung it up on a clothesline in the backyard. It took 3 hours to spray the whole tree... but now it's complete. I have a black xmas tree! Yay!

Foolishly, I put the lights on before testing the string, and half of them don't work. I'll have to replace the whole lot. I also need to get some dark red ornaments. The only ones I've seen so far are those cheap orange-red ones, and that just won't work. I'll try to get a picture of it up somewhere when it's done.

... o gothmas tree, o gothmas treeee... how mordant are your branches....

Friday, December 10, 2004

o.. m.. g..

Just got in from a walk. Really windy today and a cold front came in so it's quite nippy out. Ears hurt. Anyway, the sky was really cool.. just a purplish gray with smudges of darker purplish blue clouds. About all the leaves that can fall have fallen by now. I don't like being cold, but I enjoy the stark beauty of winter. Bare branch silhuoettes on a whitish gray sky. Just lovely. I could stare at it for hours.. if I didn't get so cold.

Got another fake today. After hours of 'interviewing' her, turns out she wouldn't talk on the phone. Afraid of being stalked. If you're interested in putting your life in someone else's hands having them control you utterly, a phone call is the least of your concerns. So I turned on my webcam to see if that would calm her down. She didn't have a cam on her end, but it seems that 'she' had left 'her' microphone on. Startled guy talking in a high-pitched voice. Classy.

I never, ever talk to someone for long without phone confirmation. I don't care if you haven't paid your bill or if you have a crippling phobia of tangled phone cords.. if you want to be someone's slave for real, you find a way to get to a phone. Otherwise, to me, you're a guy jerking off. Is that cynical and jaded of me to not be trusting? Sorry. That's the way it is.

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

cubby hole

Decided today to clear out this closet/pantry that's in a hallway underneath the stairs. It's about 10 feet deep and gets smaller all the way to the back, as it's underneath the stairs. It's been full of junk-mostly cleaning stuff-for ages. It's also where all of the xmas stuff has traditionally been stored. I got it all and nice and emptied out. I stood there and realized that an eyebolt put into the studs way in the back would make for a nice, dark, cozy cubbyhole for someone. Just stick em in there, lock the chain, and let em relax. I like it!

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

iii'm dreaming.. of a whiiite.. chameleon?

So, it's about that time of year. Happy to say most of my xmas shopping is done (Note, I intentionally refuse to type 'Christmas' the majority of the time. You can see where my mind's at). I haven't put up any lights or a tree in many a year.. not since I was a child.. so I thought I'd put up a few lights this year. Just to spruce things up. I bought some lights, shimmied up the ladder to find a whole ton of wet leaves, sticks, acorns, and about an acre of very healthy moss growing on my roof. I have nothing against moss. I like moss. I'm a moss kinda person. But it just won't do to have it on my roof. So I spent about an hour and a half scraping and sweeping, and was thoroughly exhausted by the time it was done. Then I leaned over the edge to start hanging the lights, which I'm pleased to say went off without misshap. I hope they look okay in the dark. To add insult to injury, about halfway through the sweeping, I got an old song stuck in my head which I had to keep singing the entire time.

see the chameleon
lying there in the sun
all things to everyone
run, run away

You try getting that out of your head once it's firmly wedged in there.

On another note. Went with some friends to a xmas comedy show that's put on yearly by a local acting troupe called red octopus. Bizarre but funny. It's held a pizza place/micro brewery.. the kind of place where local bands try to make a name for themselves and there's amateur paintings (mostly all bad) for sale on the walls. Now, I'm not much of a public drinker. In fact, I pretty much only drink to get pretty well buzzed, which is very rare and almost always in private. There are few things more boring to me than sitting around a little bar table with friends for a couple hours while they merrily down pitchers of beer, waiting until they get tired and drunk enough to disperse. It's kind of like waiting in a doctor's office for a long time. Except the doctor's office has more comfortable chairs.

Oh yeah, also went to a local craft show that's held every year. It's a pretty high quality of craft stuff, and I got some nice things to add to my hoard of objects. Being me, I certainly do feel out of place at those things, though. Poor, friendly folksy people from the Ozarks confronted with weirdness like me. But at least I got a pretty porcelain egg with roses painted on it. I do go for that ultra-femmy, grandmotherly stuff, sometimes.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

*gobble gobble*

Well, it's another holiday.
Last weekend I hosted another party. I was told by the same young woman (who is domme and has lovely ideas concerning puppygirls) who felt presences last time that I have ghost cats running around the place. This does not surprise me, considering all the cats my whole family has had over the years. Later, after everyone else had left, I had a scene with a lovely girl, and I hoped it met her satisfaction. Focused in large part on beating her feet, like with rulers and canes, which she seems to enjoy. Afterwards it was pretty late and I offered to let her sleep here rather than drive an hour back home. You know, I've only slept in a bed with someone else a few times in my life... definately something with which I need practice. I guess it's just something you get used to. All night when I had to shift position I did so slowly and carefully so as not to disturb her. I guess that was more considerate than needed, seeing as it was my bed and all and I could flop to my heart's desire, but I did want her to get a decent rest and all. Anyway, she later told me that I talk in my sleep. How the heck am I supposed to keep secrets if I talk in my sleep?? How am I supposed to plot cruel plans against my bedmate if I divulge everything between snores? I guess I'll know if I wake to find them cowering against the bedpost in the morning.

On the subject of ghost cats. I don't know if hearing that got me to thinking about them and wedged the thoughts in my subconscious, but I had a dream about them a couple of nights ago. Dreamed I woke up to find several of my past cats in my bedroom, just lounging. Normally when I dream of someone or something deceased there is an unreal quality to them.. usually in a dream I'm not even aware that they've been dead. They're just dream actors playing the parts, made up of memory and no more substantial than a 2D paper doll. Sometimes though, very rarely, there's a difference. It's as if they're as real as anything in waking life. This dream was like that. I knew they were dead, but there they were, and they seemed to be aware of me in a very non-dreamlike way. And I could even touch them again, just for a few minutes, pet them and scratch them and roll them about on my bed. I was so happy I could feel them again that I was crying my eyes out. I then woke up very happy.

Was it just a regular dream? Was it something more? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? The world may never know.

I had another dream last night.. some weird, religious dream where I was in church and a priest punished by sending me to some dungeon where supposedly I was to be tortured until I repented, but it all seemed pretty fun to me. Mostly, I remembered a gagged woman straddling me, and her saliva fell like sticky, dewdrop rain onto my face.. eventually so much that I couldn't see anything but I was enjoying myself. I woke up giggling.

Oh yes.. happy thanksgiving to all and to all a good night.

Monday, November 15, 2004

What's new

Ugh.. all you can eat mongolian grill should be illegal or something. Too full.

Spent the start of the month fairly depressed about all the election stuff. I don't much like the idea of being ruled by the whims of the insanely religious. After all, unrepentent degenerate elite people like me would become kindling if they could have their way. Obviously it won't get that bad, and obviously not everyone who voted for Bush feels that way.. only a minority. But I fear that that strong, powerful minority (the so called swing voters) to which the prez is beholden *does* feel that way. The ones who feel it is their sworn duty to turn the world into their own mirror image. Saw an interview with a family of these people who voted solely on 'moral value' rather than on any real issue, and their little girl, probably 7 or 8 years old, was praying that the world would end so that she could get all raptured up. What kind of life must a little girl have to hope so fervently that it would all end in hopes of something better? Through what horrible lenses has the child been taught to see the world, to view it as so ugly that it can't end soon enough? Life is worth living! It's a beautiful, wonderful thing even when it's not so great. Even a filthy, godless, degenerate pervert like me can see that. But I'm at peace with myself. Are they, I wonder? And if they are, why can't they accept that my peace is just as valid as theirs? Ah well.

On a happier note, I finally got some ring bolts installed in a couple ceilings... but I want more, more, more! Need to put up a coatrack to hang my floggy toys.

Someone sensitive to these things told me that my house is haunted. Figures. I guess it doesn't matter, so long as I don't bump into somebody in the hallway in the middle of the night.

Yesterday upon the stair, I saw a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today.
Oh, how I wish he'd go away.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Party at my house!

It should not be warm and muggy this time o year! However, a toad crossed my path while I was on my walk. That's good luck! And I finally got a pumpkin.

I was asked to play host for a local bdsm group's play party next month. I don't need to do much to prepare, except finish emptying out that darn room and getting some eyebolts installed here and there. Only major concern is the sound bugging the neighbors. Will have to wait and see how that plays out.

I inquired as to the cost of some dungeon furniture from a maker of such things. The cage is gonna be over a thousand bucks.. but gosh would it be worth it. No home is complete without a cage or two. A cozy place to store my pet. Alas, I'll probably have a cage long before I have a pet to put in it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I've been doing research on FFS (facial feminization surgery) today.. not learning anything I didn't know before, but it's good to keep up on these things. I'm still not sure when I'm going to get it done. Next year perhaps? Strange, for being such a sadist, I'm pretty scared of surgery. Among fears are such things as complications, pain and discomfort, least of all not waking up from the operating table. Has to be done, but it's still scary. Then there's the things like having to quit smoking for 2 weeks for the surgery.. may not seem like a big deal, but this'll probably be one of those more stressful periods so far in my life and that's when smoking helps most. Bleah. Also, with nose surgery, you're not supposed to wear glasses for a month or so afterwards (cause the cartilage is still soft n impressionable), and how the heck am I supposed to not see for 2 months? I have difficulty with contacts... has taken me as long as 40 minutes to get them both in, and how am I supposed to do that with a face all swollen after surgery? That lead me to look into lasik sites again. I don't know. It's supposedly low-risk.. but when things go wrong, they go really wrong, and it's permanent. I can't find much information on implantable contacts, which would otherwise seem like a good alternative. But if I can't wear glasses or contacts after surgery, then it seems I would have to get something like that done beforehand. Grrr. What to do, what to do.

I had a dream where I received a big, halloween cookie as a gift. One of the bullies from when I was in grade school tried to take it from me, but I wouldn't give it over, so he sprayed me in the face with pepper spray. Lovely.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Halloween's coming!

And I still don't have a pumpkin! Shame on me.

Last weekend I went to a halloween party, but I had no costume, or even any fetish wear. Even at kinky gatherings, I'm always the one who doesn't fit in hehe. I did have a very nice scene with a very nice girl whose bottom I beat in a very nice fashion. I didn't mean to go sounding all funny there, it just happened, because I just got back from a walk in the fog and I'm punchy. It's kind of halloweeenish out there.. spooooky. Fine by me.

Was out with some friends last night and we happened by a pet store, so we had to go in so the wee one could look at all the pets. I took the opportunity to buy a new leash and a stainless steel doggy dish. I don't own a dog.

hee hee!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Spent too much money today, I suppose. It's hard to stop tho, once you get into a serious shoppy mode. Bought books, expensive granite cleaners (really), some dvds, and even some choke chains from the pet store. Those aren't for choking, though, they're just conveniently-lengthed bits of chain that are good for tie-downs. I could brag that I made a girl break one before, but the truth is she snapped it while straining to scratch her nose while tied up. Doncha hate when that happens?

Oh, Steven King finally finished that Dark Tower series that he started when I was in.. what.. 7th grade? All the sudden he spits out the last three volumes in one year. I guess he got panicked that he would die and leave it unfinished. I suppose being hit by a truck and left on the side of the road is a good remedy for writer's block.

Speaking of writer's block, I've kinda had it lately. Some days I'll write as much as a whole sentence. Some days I just can't work up the mental motivation to.. write.... at.....

Friday, October 8, 2004

(not so) busy week

I got to test out my new floggers last weekend on a nice girl. Good stuff! The girl really prefers thuddy stuff, though, and I fear I have too much sting in my toybag. Looking into investing in a really heavy buffalo flogger next. I've also been looking at vacuum beds. I've always wanted one of those. So snug and cozy and tight. Aah.

By pure chance I ran into a local contractor who is into D/s, so I finally have someone who can do some of the remodeling that I want. It's hard to explain to a vanilla construction guy just why you want an electric hoist installed in a bedroom or something. Awkward, at the very least.

Friday, October 1, 2004


Haven't written any since not much has been going on... even less than usual. I've been playing a game a lot- Final Fantasy X. It's pretty fun. I'm feeling good since it's October, and October is the best month of year! Cooling weather, breezes, falling leaves, and best of all, Halloween! That's the holiday for me.

Evil Dolly's Pointless Anecdote of the Day: So I was just out walking and now I'm all sweaty. I thought it would be cooler like the last couple nights, but it's all muggy. bleah. I always prefer to walk late at night/wee hours of the morning. I can't stand being in the sun, so at night it's nice and dark, quiet and peaceful. It's like ya have the whole neighborhood to yourself. So anyway, I was walking along and under the light of a steetlamp, I saw a really big, fat stick insect crossing the road. I like stick insects and don't see them often (I guess that's the idea) and this one was like 4 inches long with an inch-long male clinging to her back. They were mating away and she was truckin along across the road. When they got near the curb, I started looking for a leaf to urge them onto to get them well clear of the street. A car drove by and I tried to look casual, squatting there on the side of the road with leaves in my hands. Car pulled into the driveway, apparently the owner of the house I was outside of. Turned out to be a white-haired lady, who called out, "Are you okay over there?"
I thought that was nice of her to ask, instead of running for the house, fumbling with her keys, trying to make distance between herself and the wild-haired freak hunkered down in the street late at night. I told her that I was watching a stick insect cross the road.
"You're doing... what?" she asked, from a safe distance.
"A stick insect. It was crossing the road."
"What was?"
"An insect. A stick insect!"
"A... what?"
"A bug! A big bug!"
"Oh." Sound flustered, she went inside. I finally got the thing onto a leaf and put it under her bushes. I hope they're happy.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

tapes. so many tapes.

Still working on clearing that room out. Disassembled a big desk and got that outside, as well as an old mattress. Won't be able to maneuver the box spring down the stairs by myself though. I've had to make more space for old family photo albums, so I decided to toss out a bunch of old video tapes of my dad's that I've been sitting on for a few years. Into the trash they go... except, there's too many to go into the trash. There's several hundred, some containing movies, mostly containing tv shows. Good lord, who needs 30 video tapes full of Xena? There were far more than I wanted to carry out with my weak li'l arms, so I just loaded em in up in a big bin, dragged it down the stairs, and tossed them, a handful at a time, out the window onto the patio below. Now I have a big pile of tapes in my yard. Tres chic.

I made room to move all the photo albums and various picture stuff into a big, metal cabinet. Of course, in the process, I had to pause occasionally and look at them. It's kinda sad. I don't intend to have any children, and neither does my sister. Once we're gone, it's the end of the line, I suppose. All the memories will be gone, and all the pictures won't mean anything to anyone. 

Friday, September 24, 2004

tree colors

Went to Best Buy for some ink cartridges.. man, those things are expensive.. and to the mall looking for a game. They didn't have it, so I went to the Crown Shop and got some scented candles. I'm very picky about my candle scents. Scents that are too floral or perfumy make my eyes burn. I ended up getting a mulled cider scented and one called Harvest, which I guess is a fancy name for pumpkin. I also got another tiny shoe. There's this lady who makes tiny shoe sculptures, and there are hundreds of them. I have about twelve. I only get the sexy, high heeled ones, although I do have a couple ballet slipper ones, cause ballet slippers are hot. This one is a strappy black pump with a spiderweb design on it. I ate at Chik-fil-A while I was there. I love Chik-fil-A, but it's only available in malls, so I rarely get it. I mean, going to the mall just to eat is kinda weird. "Where would you like to eat tonight?" 'I know! Let's go to the food court!'

It's fall, and fall is my favorite season. The trees are just barely starting to turn here, even though it's still warm. Unfortunately, around here, particularly in my yard, leaves changing means they just turn an ugly brown and fall off. I have a big japanese maple that turns a glorious scarlet in the fall, but so far only like a few dozen leaves have turned in random places and the rest is still green. That tree needs better color coordination.

I love the smell of crunchy, dry leaves in autumn, and the sound it makes as you walk through them. I want to walk through the leaves with someone.

Sore fingers

I made a kind of shrimp alfredo pasta last night. It was edible. The al dente pasta wasn't quite dented enough, and took some effort to chew in places. I'm a horrible cook. I can make chili and tuna noodle casserole and that's about it. I hope my slave will be able to cook, or at least be amenable to being sent out to take some cooking classes. If not, we'll be eating out. A lot.

My fingers are all stiff and sore today just from the carrying of a 50 gal aquarium from one room to another. It had no water, just rocks and branches and stuff. It's the longtime home of my pet bearded dragon, a kind of prickly, australian desert lizard. They have a captive lifespan of 6 years.. mine is 10. Got him as a little hatchling in my second year at college and he went with me when I moved out to LA and came with me when I moved back. He's an educated, well-travelled lizard, doncha know.

I also had a big, wooly tarantula. She died last week. I buried her in the back yard. She was at least 15 years old, and possibly more. I dunno what that is in spider years. I suppose it was just her time to go.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Dusty again

Yaay, today I got the blindfold I ordered as well as Clive Barkers Abarat 2 that just came out. The blindfold is surprising comfortable and totally effective at blocking light. Lucky is the girl who gets to wear it. I love ordering stuff in the mail.. when it arrives it's like a little bit of xmas ("Oh look at these! How thoughtful of me to get these for me!")

The room clearing is coming along at a good clip now. I'm a slightly better organizer than I had thought. It's still a total mess, though. But why am I hanging on to a box of old nintendo games? Hell, I don't know.

Sloppy joe... slop.. sloppy joe

Well, didn't have tamales. Had sloppy joes instead. Haven't had those for like four years. But I ate too much and now I probably won't eat again for 24 hours. That's probably not healthy. I got that star wars trilogy dvd set, just because. I was too young when the first movie came out to feel very nostalgiac about it, being born in 75. However, I do have a vague memory seeing it at a drive-in (shortly before it was torn down) down by the river. I was lying on a blanked on the hood of a station wagon, I think. That had to be around 78 or 79, and if that's the case, it must be one of my earliest memories. Strange to think.

Evil Dolly's Movie Recommendation of the Day: Malice@Doll. If you like surreal, confusing anime with a hint of hentai, then this movie is for you. It's done computer generated style. It's about a pink-haired, robotic sex doll prostitute living in an abandoned city with other similar dolls and various maintanence robots. They keep hoping human customers will show up, since that's what they're programmed for, all they while continuing to break down. Malice Doll has dreams of being human, and in a confusing sequence, gets her wish. Only now her kiss is contagious and infects other robots with organic life, which they're not all prepared to cope with. A very strange, confusing, surprisingly moving, and visually engrossing movie that needs more than one viewing. And it's got sexy dolls, so how can you beat that?

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Still moving stuff

Another day trying to empty out that room. My life is so exciting. It's kinda poignant at times, sorting through all this stuff. Like, finding old xmas presents from people long since dead, finding old, favorite toys, things like that. A lot of it though is just junk, and that's been the major problem since the start of this endeavor. I only have the one 'city approved' trash can, so I can only throw so much stuff away each week, and a lot of it is really bulky and/or heavy. And I don't know how much weight that garbage truck robot arm can pick up, so I'm having to be careful about what I put in- piles of old magazines weigh a lot, you know. I have a large backlog of trash waiting for its turn on the curb. And another load of old clothes, blankets, and sheets n stuff to be donated. I dunno why, but I always feel a little nervous when I donate stuff. Like, maybe my second-hand crap isn't good enough. Hmmm.

I want tamales. But not too spicy.

I'm up, I'm up

Doncha hate when you dream you're in a long car trip, like on a freeway with lots of confusing exits and overpasses? Even worse is when you dream of sitting at a drivethru window for 20 minutes. What a waste of good dream time.

And why is Miracle Whip classified as a dressing when clearly it's more of a spread? You don't dollop gobs of miracle whip onto a salad, but ya do spread it on bread. I protest.

I forgot what else I was going to say.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Mmm.. that new flogger smell

Yaaay!  My new floggers have arrived.  I've been waiting for em for a couple of months.  I guess custom floggers take a long time to make.  I got some softer-than-soft elk floggers, a heavy/stingy oiltan leather one, and one made of purple, satin cords with rubber-coated tips that sting like hell, and a cane with three thin, bendy rods.  Hooray for me!  Now, I just need a victim.. er, guinea pig.. er, willing volunteer.  Yeah.  I have a blindfold that's supposed to be nice and comfy, yet effective, on order.  hee hee

I also got a couple bondagy figurines in the mail .  It's hard to find that stuff in the mainstream.  Pretty, tho.  One is a woman in an iron maiden thing and the other is a woman hanging from fleshhooks.  A perfect addition to any home.

Evil Dolly's Book Recommendation of the Day:  I just read Undead and Unwed, and it's sequel Undead and Unemployed, by Mary Janice Davidson, and I thought they were hilarious.  It's about a borderline-ditzy, shoe-obsessed blond who finds herself the queen of vampires.  A very fast read, but entertaining.  Since it's a romance, kinda, it's very hetero oriented, but at least there's lesbians in it.

Monday, September 20, 2004

I'm dusty

I've been working on a big project with the end goal to empty out one of my three 'junk' rooms (everybody has one or two). I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with the empty room once it's done. Perhaps make it into a studio or playspace/dungeon. Or both. But before that It Must Be Empty. Easier said than done.

How the hell did I get so much stuff!?

First problem was making space in the other rooms to fit all the stuff from that room into those rooms without making it impossible to open the doors of said rooms. I began that just over a month ago. I decided to start with shifting a ton of books around and getting rid of the old ones I had inherited and had no interest in. I mean.. what do I need with an open-water canoeing manual made in the 70's? Or a book on how to build underground houses? Or 10 dozen crumbly, "based on a true story!" paperback novels on world war 2? I mean, really. By the time I finished sifting through all the books, I had dozens of precariously stacked, four foot tall piles lining the walls of my kitchen, living room, and hallway. Then it dawned on me- How am going to get rid of all these? Why, donate them to the library of course! Let them deal with the 40 volume set of 60's family craft projects. It only took 2 fully loaded minivan trips to the public library. I almost killed myself getting all those books in and out of that thing in that heat. Anyway, that part is finally done. Still, more stuff! It breeds when you're not looking.

I just finished another part of the project, which was to organize, bag, and store properly the closetfull of old comics and magazines left to me by my dad. Took me several days. Much was trash, but there was some good stuff in there. Like, underground comics from the 60's and 70's by Crumb, et al. I didn't have a price guide for those, but according to the book I have, there's about 3k worth of old stuff in those boxes now. Of course, I probably wouldn't get a fourth of that if I went ahead and tried to sell it. Maybe I'll just sit on it for 10 or 20 more years and see if it appreciates. It'd better appreciate the effort I'm going to, at least. I also went through my own old porn stuff and tossed out a bunch. Man, I hope that bag doesn't split when the trash collectors come. Don't need bad bondage porn carried all up and down the street in a gust of wind. Might make the neighbors glance at me askew. Like they don't already.

Now I have enough free space opened up to start emptying out the room, which is what I've been doing slowly the past couple days. The hard part is moving the heavy furniture either into another room or outside to get tossed, which is what I just came downstairs from doing some of. I swear, there's never a slave around when you need one. Sometimes D/s just seems to come down to "Alright, now you pick up your end."

Ack! There's cobwebs on my shorts!

First Post! Hope this works this time.

I had almost finished writing my first post and accidentally deleted it somehow. So now I'm trying again. Grr. Anyway, this'll be the first post on a brand new journal. I'm not entirely sure why I'm starting a journal in the first place and, quite frankly, I don't know that anyone will ever be interested in reading it. However, someone suggested I ought to, so I might as well because I'm bored. We'll see how long this little exercise lasts.

Topic the First. For those who are fans of my little website: yes I know I haven't updated anything in a while. That's because I started working on three stories at once. Then one took precedence and I've been writing on that one exclusively. It's turning out to be the longest (and prolly the most boring) I've written so far. Hint on the subject matter-- orthopedic braces, saliva, dolls.

Topic the Second. Just for content purposes and to, ya know, fluff out the first post, I'll write about a dream I had last night. It all started with a friend and I playing in a forest on some Halloween afternoon. We were younger, about ten or so, and I'm not sure who my friend was. One of those anonymous dream extras. Anyway, it was starting to get late and were headed home. The sky was gray and it was windy, and although there were patches of snow here and there, it was unseasonably balmy. We decided to take a shortcut through a supposedly haunted section of the forest called Stickwood. I guess it was called that because none of the trees had leaves and all the branches were clattering together in the wind.
So we came to clearing where there was an abandoned village/neighborhood place. Actually, it was more like tract housing, but everything was in disrepair. I recall there being toilets from inside the houses stacked up on the porches. Weird. So we go into a larger building that might have been a schoolhouse at some point, but now it was all dirty and cluttered inside. We explored around and found a dead, hanged girl dangling in a broom closet. Also there were these two, kinda scary looking female chefs in the back, and we tried to avoid them. We got caught though, and were taken into a dining room where there was a small tv showing a video of a guy, presumably another intruder, sprawled on a table while a big dog with a smooth coat leisurely ate out his eyes.
So then I was laid on a table and suddenly the dog appeared above me and was sniffing my face and eyes, and I tried to push it away but it was too big and I was only 10. It started to bite my face but when it did, it just passed right through me like a ghost. The scary chef lady who was there turned out to be some kinda fairy in disguise, and told me she liked me and the dog only hurt mean people. They were there preparing some kinda feast for when other fairies would gather in the abandoned town. Since she liked me, she was gonna let me go, but wanted to keep my friend there and cook him. Since I didn't really know the guy, I said okay. The hanged girl then popped up and said she was bored of the broom closet and wanted to go with me, so we left through the forest. Her noose rope kept catching and snagging on bushes and roots, but we both laughed about that. So it was a happy ending after all. I love happy endings.