Thursday, April 23, 2009

Retro day

While shopping today I noticed they had a new drink for sale called Mountain Dew Throwback.  It's made with sugar instead of corn syrup.  Hardly anything has sugar in it anymore, it's all corn, corn, corn.  I thought that interesting so I got some and just tried it.  I like it.  It's very smooth, perhaps not as much carbonation, and the sweetness lingers in the back of the throat a lot longer.  It's refreshin!

The other day I happened across the name of an old Commodore 64 game I used to enjoy.  This was back in, oh, 85 or 86.  I'd never forgotten the game, but try as I might I couldn't remember the name.  Well, I found it and it's called Ultimate Wizard.  It was a very frustrating game (it was so easy for the little wizard guy to die), but it was fun.  I didn't have a C64, myself - we had an Apple 2c with a teeny tiny green and black screen monitor - but I'd play it for hours at a time at a friend's house when spending the night.  And it was one of the first games that had a construction set, so we could build our own levels that often didn't work right.  But it was fun.  Anyway, seeing the youtube videos of it and hearing the sounds instantly took me back, so that was nice.  We also played a game called Mail Order Monsters a whole lot.  That one was fun, too.