Sunday, March 27, 2005

Dusty old tomes

Whew! Well, that's done. Finished moving a few hundred pounds of old books from one cabinet upstairs to the newly relocated cabinet downstairs. Is it just me, or did they make books heavier in the old days? Good lord. I've moved those books 3 times in the past couple years. Now they're going to stay put. I don't know if they have any value or not, but my dad kept them, so now I'm keeping them. And now I have book dust on my pants.

This would all be so much easier with a slave in the house.

Oh yes.. Happy Fertility Day!

Just moments ago, I heard the first cricket of the year. Just thought you ought to know.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

panting.. panting.. not in a good way

It was a dark and stormy night. Thunder rumbled, rain fell. Lightning flashed, illuminating the old, haunted house in which--some say--a witch dwells. Or a bitch. Inside the house, a titanic battle raged on. Our heroine was on the staircase, waging war with a pair of huge, metal cabinets. It was a life or death struggle. The cabinets rumbling shelves matched the din of the storm outside. At times, when she was pinned against the wall at the bottom of the stairs by the monstrous, dusty beasts, it seemed as if the battle would be lost. But finally, with great effort (and only minor wall damage), our heroine prevailed! The terrible cabinets were vanquished, and moved to a small back room, where they would be forced to resume their duties of storing family photo albums and other knick-nacks. The day was won.

I am so friggin sore.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


These go over there.. this can fit over here.. I can get a few more of those up there.. now where the hell do I put this?

More tidying and organizing today. Making best use of shelf space and all that. There's a huge amount (like, half a closet full) of model ship and car kits. I considered selling them on ebay. They would probably sell, but these things take up so much space that I'd have to spend like $50 on boxes to ship them in.. not counting shipping cost. Just not cost effective. So I think I'll just drop em off at goodwill. With that idea in mind, I've been loading up the car with clothes and a TV I've been meaning to take there. I'll just pop the models in the back and drop it all off. Let them worry about it.

Once the huge metal cabinet they're in is empty, I can move that downstairs, put the photo albums and possibly the art supplies in it, and clear up a ton of space. Hmm, this might work, after all.

Oh! I just found a plump toad in my driveway. That's good luck!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Great Start to a Day

Got up and went to lunch with my financial guy for a quarterly thing. He broke down in tears once during the meeting. I swear I wasn't mean to him! Anyway, on the way home, after a stop at blockbuster, I drove through an innocent puddle and popped a tire... you know that dreadful sound.. flubflubflubflubflubflubflubflub.

I pull over on the next side street and there's a bent-up pair of pliers sticking right out of the top of the tire. Who leaves pointy, bent pliers in the street?? It was actually the first time I've ever had a flat tire while driving. Sometimes I've come out to find a tire gone flat from a slow leak while parked, but never just a blowout while driving. But, I took driver's ed when I was 15, so I knew what to do! Kinda.

Anyway, after getting filthy and completely ruining my manicure, I get the spare on. I head off down the road to get to the tire place that was just a mile or so away, but almost as soon as I get started, the spare popped like a li'l grape. Sigh. So I had to drive back there on a flat tire anyway. oh well.

Monday, March 21, 2005

The Smoldering Stench of Smoothness

Guess carrying heavy stuff up and down stairs while wearing a long-sleeve, knit shirt with a spacer heater on wasn't such a good idea. Excuse me while I pant.

I've been accumulating a ton of trash going through the closet. Lots of heavy things like magazines and about 700 blank floppy disks. I hope that robot garbage truck arm can pick my bin up. It's full to the top and the floor of my computer room down here is hidden by boxes and bags of things 'yet to be thrown away'. It's dusty, thankless work, but it's for a good cause: a spacious play area! Someday.

It's been two years since I had laser hair removal (painful, expensive, and didn't work). I thought I'd try again at a different place. They're supposed to have the newest equipment and stuff that can get blond hairs. I sure hope so. I went in for a consultation and area test today. I forgot how much it hurt. It's just light, but it sometimes feel like a hot needle being jabbed into your skin really fast.. accompanied by the fragrance of burning hair. bleah.

Oh, I went to a play party and won a very nice, very heavy, purple heartwood paddle. Did I mention that it's very heavy? :)

Saturday, March 19, 2005


In the process of cleaning out that closet, I came across a pile of love letters between my parents. Mostly from my mom to my dad, dated in the 60's and 70's. She loved him so much. I believe they got married when she was 18 or 19, thich is pretty young to get married nowadays. Strange to see my mother writing all lovey-dovey (Me wub oo!) hehe. She sounded like a cutie-pie. But it's also kinda sad. I guess in 20 years their marriage had gone from one like that to almost a marriage of convenience. They didn't even sleep in the same room for much of my childhood. It wasn't bitter or anything, just very distant. Is that always the fate of love? To fade away?

I hope not.

Friday, March 18, 2005

A sad day.. or a productive day?

I've been in a bit of a funk today. I got my hair done (and they always cut off more than I want them to, wherever I go). But it still pretty much looks the same. I hate my hair. It's long since I've been growing it since I graduated from high school--an all boys high school that forced you to cut it really short)--and it's really thick and curly. But I can't *do* anything with it. No one can, apparently. When it's down, it's a great, frizzy, muddy blondy browny mane. So I just keep it in a ponytail all the time. I wish I could have pretty, shiny, wavy hair. (In a perfect world, I'd like Betty Page hair.. aah). But that got me to thinking about how much I have to do, how far I have to go try to and make myself someday look the way I feel inside. Sigh. And I fear I might be lonely until then.. since a girl who wants a woman wants someone who *looks* like a woman. I can't offer that yet, not really. Such a long way to go. I almost had a crying jag over it. Dommes can cry too!

But if I dwell on that too long I'll go nuts, or give it all up and live in a darkened room and gorge on cheesecake til I'm 500 lbs (hm, maybe there's a story idea in there somewhere). *So*... gotta be productive. I just replaced the latch and lock on the back shed that has been lockless for like 2 years. I'm forming more solid plans for my future dungeon, even had a scene-friendly construction fellow over to look at what might be done. Mostly, it's nothing drastic, but the room I intend to use hasn't been updated since the 70's. In desperate need of new lighting, carpet, paint, drapes, etc.

But that got me think of converting the room next to it into *another* dungeon. Stop me, I'm mad! Actually neither of these would be 'dungeons' per se, just play rooms. Alas, I don't have a basement to make a neat dungeon out of.
But anyway, to do that will require getting rid of a ton of old furniture and stuff to make more storage space in other rooms. I've just started a task I've been putting off, which is to sort through an old store room down here. It was originally designed it as a darkroom, but it's just been a storeroom for about 27 years. There's a lot of stuff in there I don't need, so I have to go through it, piece by piece. Ah well, it gets my mind off of other things.

I know my pet girl is out there... somewhere.