Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November Updates

Haven't written all that much lately. Not too much has been happening, and when I do think of something to write about it I put it off until later and then forget about it. But I figure I should jot done some minor events. For posterity and all that.

Well, October has come and gone. It's normally my favorite time of year, what with the change of season and Halloween, but I just wasn't feeling it too much this year. One reason is because I came down with a bad cold right in the middle of the month, which sapped my energy and enthusiasm for the holiday. It's been a month but I still have some sniffles from that one. Another reason is it was very unseasonably cold here for most of October, so it just didn't feel right. For a week or so it felt more like December, really. But now the other holidays are approaching and I might be more in the mood for that. I was noticing today how it's always feels sorta refreshing just after all the leaves fall.. the sky is opened up, you can see deep into the woods, everything's gray yet bright. Of course, after a few months of that, you definitely start looking forward to some leaves again.

Speaking of leaves, I still need to get mine removed. I hire someone to do that. I'd do it myself, but I have like 11 oak trees in my yard alone... that's a lot of leaves, and a lot of bags. When I was young we'd just rake em up into a heap on a tarp, drag the tarp across the street into the woods and dump them. But now the ruined stone wall we used to dump them off of has an ugly modern house built on top of it, and there's not really an suitable dumping site in the remaining woods.

My gaming computer died a month or so ago. That's not good, ya gotta have one of those. I wanted to replace it with a decent one, but the fancier pre built ones you can get are extremely expensive, upwards of a couple thousand. So I did my research and started ordering stuff, and set about to building my own for much cheaper. It was very nerve-wracking, handling that expensive hardware, hoping not to damage it. It took all evening but I finally got it together... and, amazingly, it worked! It's still working. It's not all that hard once you figure out what goes where, but I still feel proud about it. And better yet, the computer case I got is bright pink! You can't go wrong with a pink computer.

Also, a quote from a recent dream--
"And you added giant electromagnets... why?"
"Dude, everything is cooler with giant electromagnets."