Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Still moving stuff

Another day trying to empty out that room. My life is so exciting. It's kinda poignant at times, sorting through all this stuff. Like, finding old xmas presents from people long since dead, finding old, favorite toys, things like that. A lot of it though is just junk, and that's been the major problem since the start of this endeavor. I only have the one 'city approved' trash can, so I can only throw so much stuff away each week, and a lot of it is really bulky and/or heavy. And I don't know how much weight that garbage truck robot arm can pick up, so I'm having to be careful about what I put in- piles of old magazines weigh a lot, you know. I have a large backlog of trash waiting for its turn on the curb. And another load of old clothes, blankets, and sheets n stuff to be donated. I dunno why, but I always feel a little nervous when I donate stuff. Like, maybe my second-hand crap isn't good enough. Hmmm.

I want tamales. But not too spicy.

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