Friday, September 24, 2004

tree colors

Went to Best Buy for some ink cartridges.. man, those things are expensive.. and to the mall looking for a game. They didn't have it, so I went to the Crown Shop and got some scented candles. I'm very picky about my candle scents. Scents that are too floral or perfumy make my eyes burn. I ended up getting a mulled cider scented and one called Harvest, which I guess is a fancy name for pumpkin. I also got another tiny shoe. There's this lady who makes tiny shoe sculptures, and there are hundreds of them. I have about twelve. I only get the sexy, high heeled ones, although I do have a couple ballet slipper ones, cause ballet slippers are hot. This one is a strappy black pump with a spiderweb design on it. I ate at Chik-fil-A while I was there. I love Chik-fil-A, but it's only available in malls, so I rarely get it. I mean, going to the mall just to eat is kinda weird. "Where would you like to eat tonight?" 'I know! Let's go to the food court!'

It's fall, and fall is my favorite season. The trees are just barely starting to turn here, even though it's still warm. Unfortunately, around here, particularly in my yard, leaves changing means they just turn an ugly brown and fall off. I have a big japanese maple that turns a glorious scarlet in the fall, but so far only like a few dozen leaves have turned in random places and the rest is still green. That tree needs better color coordination.

I love the smell of crunchy, dry leaves in autumn, and the sound it makes as you walk through them. I want to walk through the leaves with someone.

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