Saturday, March 15, 2014

Standard Orbit

I hope everybody is doing okay out there.  It's been a long winter.  But are those hints of spring I'm detecting?  New iris leaves poking through the soil?  Perhaps.

I was watching some Voyager on Netflix, and I recalled that my father was a Star Trek fan back in the day.  He even created some oil paintings back in the early 70s, 'fore I was even born.  Some of the paintings were made into large limited edition prints and sold by a Star Trek merchandise vendor . . . I have a folder with some of the old paperwork.  I don't know where the originals went, but I know one was sold at an early sci fi convention in '74.  All that's left are a few photographs of the original paintings, which I went and scanned.

This one is called Standard Orbit, and is the one that sold.

I don't know the title of this one.

But this one is called Encounter, though the photo glare made the Klingon ship all fuzzy.

I just thought it was cool how my dad did his small part contributing to early sci fi nerd culture : )