Friday, December 10, 2004

o.. m.. g..

Just got in from a walk. Really windy today and a cold front came in so it's quite nippy out. Ears hurt. Anyway, the sky was really cool.. just a purplish gray with smudges of darker purplish blue clouds. About all the leaves that can fall have fallen by now. I don't like being cold, but I enjoy the stark beauty of winter. Bare branch silhuoettes on a whitish gray sky. Just lovely. I could stare at it for hours.. if I didn't get so cold.

Got another fake today. After hours of 'interviewing' her, turns out she wouldn't talk on the phone. Afraid of being stalked. If you're interested in putting your life in someone else's hands having them control you utterly, a phone call is the least of your concerns. So I turned on my webcam to see if that would calm her down. She didn't have a cam on her end, but it seems that 'she' had left 'her' microphone on. Startled guy talking in a high-pitched voice. Classy.

I never, ever talk to someone for long without phone confirmation. I don't care if you haven't paid your bill or if you have a crippling phobia of tangled phone cords.. if you want to be someone's slave for real, you find a way to get to a phone. Otherwise, to me, you're a guy jerking off. Is that cynical and jaded of me to not be trusting? Sorry. That's the way it is.

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