Friday, October 29, 2004

Party at my house!

It should not be warm and muggy this time o year! However, a toad crossed my path while I was on my walk. That's good luck! And I finally got a pumpkin.

I was asked to play host for a local bdsm group's play party next month. I don't need to do much to prepare, except finish emptying out that darn room and getting some eyebolts installed here and there. Only major concern is the sound bugging the neighbors. Will have to wait and see how that plays out.

I inquired as to the cost of some dungeon furniture from a maker of such things. The cage is gonna be over a thousand bucks.. but gosh would it be worth it. No home is complete without a cage or two. A cozy place to store my pet. Alas, I'll probably have a cage long before I have a pet to put in it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I've been doing research on FFS (facial feminization surgery) today.. not learning anything I didn't know before, but it's good to keep up on these things. I'm still not sure when I'm going to get it done. Next year perhaps? Strange, for being such a sadist, I'm pretty scared of surgery. Among fears are such things as complications, pain and discomfort, least of all not waking up from the operating table. Has to be done, but it's still scary. Then there's the things like having to quit smoking for 2 weeks for the surgery.. may not seem like a big deal, but this'll probably be one of those more stressful periods so far in my life and that's when smoking helps most. Bleah. Also, with nose surgery, you're not supposed to wear glasses for a month or so afterwards (cause the cartilage is still soft n impressionable), and how the heck am I supposed to not see for 2 months? I have difficulty with contacts... has taken me as long as 40 minutes to get them both in, and how am I supposed to do that with a face all swollen after surgery? That lead me to look into lasik sites again. I don't know. It's supposedly low-risk.. but when things go wrong, they go really wrong, and it's permanent. I can't find much information on implantable contacts, which would otherwise seem like a good alternative. But if I can't wear glasses or contacts after surgery, then it seems I would have to get something like that done beforehand. Grrr. What to do, what to do.

I had a dream where I received a big, halloween cookie as a gift. One of the bullies from when I was in grade school tried to take it from me, but I wouldn't give it over, so he sprayed me in the face with pepper spray. Lovely.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Halloween's coming!

And I still don't have a pumpkin! Shame on me.

Last weekend I went to a halloween party, but I had no costume, or even any fetish wear. Even at kinky gatherings, I'm always the one who doesn't fit in hehe. I did have a very nice scene with a very nice girl whose bottom I beat in a very nice fashion. I didn't mean to go sounding all funny there, it just happened, because I just got back from a walk in the fog and I'm punchy. It's kind of halloweeenish out there.. spooooky. Fine by me.

Was out with some friends last night and we happened by a pet store, so we had to go in so the wee one could look at all the pets. I took the opportunity to buy a new leash and a stainless steel doggy dish. I don't own a dog.

hee hee!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Spent too much money today, I suppose. It's hard to stop tho, once you get into a serious shoppy mode. Bought books, expensive granite cleaners (really), some dvds, and even some choke chains from the pet store. Those aren't for choking, though, they're just conveniently-lengthed bits of chain that are good for tie-downs. I could brag that I made a girl break one before, but the truth is she snapped it while straining to scratch her nose while tied up. Doncha hate when that happens?

Oh, Steven King finally finished that Dark Tower series that he started when I was in.. what.. 7th grade? All the sudden he spits out the last three volumes in one year. I guess he got panicked that he would die and leave it unfinished. I suppose being hit by a truck and left on the side of the road is a good remedy for writer's block.

Speaking of writer's block, I've kinda had it lately. Some days I'll write as much as a whole sentence. Some days I just can't work up the mental motivation to.. write.... at.....

Friday, October 8, 2004

(not so) busy week

I got to test out my new floggers last weekend on a nice girl. Good stuff! The girl really prefers thuddy stuff, though, and I fear I have too much sting in my toybag. Looking into investing in a really heavy buffalo flogger next. I've also been looking at vacuum beds. I've always wanted one of those. So snug and cozy and tight. Aah.

By pure chance I ran into a local contractor who is into D/s, so I finally have someone who can do some of the remodeling that I want. It's hard to explain to a vanilla construction guy just why you want an electric hoist installed in a bedroom or something. Awkward, at the very least.

Friday, October 1, 2004


Haven't written any since not much has been going on... even less than usual. I've been playing a game a lot- Final Fantasy X. It's pretty fun. I'm feeling good since it's October, and October is the best month of year! Cooling weather, breezes, falling leaves, and best of all, Halloween! That's the holiday for me.

Evil Dolly's Pointless Anecdote of the Day: So I was just out walking and now I'm all sweaty. I thought it would be cooler like the last couple nights, but it's all muggy. bleah. I always prefer to walk late at night/wee hours of the morning. I can't stand being in the sun, so at night it's nice and dark, quiet and peaceful. It's like ya have the whole neighborhood to yourself. So anyway, I was walking along and under the light of a steetlamp, I saw a really big, fat stick insect crossing the road. I like stick insects and don't see them often (I guess that's the idea) and this one was like 4 inches long with an inch-long male clinging to her back. They were mating away and she was truckin along across the road. When they got near the curb, I started looking for a leaf to urge them onto to get them well clear of the street. A car drove by and I tried to look casual, squatting there on the side of the road with leaves in my hands. Car pulled into the driveway, apparently the owner of the house I was outside of. Turned out to be a white-haired lady, who called out, "Are you okay over there?"
I thought that was nice of her to ask, instead of running for the house, fumbling with her keys, trying to make distance between herself and the wild-haired freak hunkered down in the street late at night. I told her that I was watching a stick insect cross the road.
"You're doing... what?" she asked, from a safe distance.
"A stick insect. It was crossing the road."
"What was?"
"An insect. A stick insect!"
"A... what?"
"A bug! A big bug!"
"Oh." Sound flustered, she went inside. I finally got the thing onto a leaf and put it under her bushes. I hope they're happy.