Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Another lengthy absence

I'm sick :(

At least it's not the flu, but colds are nothing to shake a stick at. Try it. Shake a stick at one. Won't do you any good. Just make your arm tired. Anyway, I'm on the mend.

Let's see, what's new. Well, my best friend is preggers again. Bun in the oven! That'll make me an auntie twice over. Evil auntie. Just as the first one, who is now four, no longer makes startling and unpleasant odors and can actually carry on a coherent conversation (she actually has a great vocabulary), another one comes along and the process starts all over. Another couple years of diapers, screaming fits, and exhausted friends irritable from lack of sleep. The joy of birth.

There's the artist, Alan Clark, who I discovered at the art show of a small local sci fi convention when I was about 15. I got a few of his prints, and gathered a few more over the years when I could find them. The other week I found he had a website, so I ordered a whole bunch of prints. The next morning he called me up and thanked me. That's like getting a phone call from your favorite writer, thanking you for being a reader. I was chuffed all day long.

Evil Dolly's Toy Recommendation of the Day: Giant Microbes! They're plush! Give your friend the gift of an earache. What better way to say I Love You than with a fuzzy Mono? Tell your boss exactly how you feel with an endearing, big-eyed ulcer bacteria. Their site is giantmicrobes.com. They're cute!

Saturday, January 1, 2005

A New Year

Well, let's see. It's been a couple weeks since I've written. Mainly that's simply because nothing very interesting has been going on. There was xmas, of course, which I spent alone because it was all snowy and icy here. Watched the snow start to come down and a dense flurry, and by the next day everything was white. It was pretty cool, even tho I was trapped here on the hill for 3 or 4 days. It reminded me of being a child... when we'd go out and sled down the hill for hours, come inside and throw our soaking clothes in the dryer while we drank cidery tea, then back into the still-wet clothes to go back outside and do it all over again. At least I didn't slip on the ice and give myself a concussion like I did a few years ago. I don't mind lotsa snow, cause it doesn't knock out my electricity like ice storms. This was like the 9th white xmas here in 100 years. And yet, just a week after, it's up in the 60's, and the ground is all sweaty.

My sister and her husband did arrive in town after xmas, they got held back due to snow. They always stay in the guest bedroom here. I decided to have my few remaining relatives come over for a visit.. so I had to cook for 10. It was a bit crowded over here. It's funny to see my aunt nowadays. She was always a demure, quiet, motherly type. Now in her 50's, she's become a heavily-tattooed biker chick. Didn't bat an eye at the rings imbedded in my ceiling, either.