Thursday, November 25, 2004

*gobble gobble*

Well, it's another holiday.
Last weekend I hosted another party. I was told by the same young woman (who is domme and has lovely ideas concerning puppygirls) who felt presences last time that I have ghost cats running around the place. This does not surprise me, considering all the cats my whole family has had over the years. Later, after everyone else had left, I had a scene with a lovely girl, and I hoped it met her satisfaction. Focused in large part on beating her feet, like with rulers and canes, which she seems to enjoy. Afterwards it was pretty late and I offered to let her sleep here rather than drive an hour back home. You know, I've only slept in a bed with someone else a few times in my life... definately something with which I need practice. I guess it's just something you get used to. All night when I had to shift position I did so slowly and carefully so as not to disturb her. I guess that was more considerate than needed, seeing as it was my bed and all and I could flop to my heart's desire, but I did want her to get a decent rest and all. Anyway, she later told me that I talk in my sleep. How the heck am I supposed to keep secrets if I talk in my sleep?? How am I supposed to plot cruel plans against my bedmate if I divulge everything between snores? I guess I'll know if I wake to find them cowering against the bedpost in the morning.

On the subject of ghost cats. I don't know if hearing that got me to thinking about them and wedged the thoughts in my subconscious, but I had a dream about them a couple of nights ago. Dreamed I woke up to find several of my past cats in my bedroom, just lounging. Normally when I dream of someone or something deceased there is an unreal quality to them.. usually in a dream I'm not even aware that they've been dead. They're just dream actors playing the parts, made up of memory and no more substantial than a 2D paper doll. Sometimes though, very rarely, there's a difference. It's as if they're as real as anything in waking life. This dream was like that. I knew they were dead, but there they were, and they seemed to be aware of me in a very non-dreamlike way. And I could even touch them again, just for a few minutes, pet them and scratch them and roll them about on my bed. I was so happy I could feel them again that I was crying my eyes out. I then woke up very happy.

Was it just a regular dream? Was it something more? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? The world may never know.

I had another dream last night.. some weird, religious dream where I was in church and a priest punished by sending me to some dungeon where supposedly I was to be tortured until I repented, but it all seemed pretty fun to me. Mostly, I remembered a gagged woman straddling me, and her saliva fell like sticky, dewdrop rain onto my face.. eventually so much that I couldn't see anything but I was enjoying myself. I woke up giggling.

Oh yes.. happy thanksgiving to all and to all a good night.

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