Sunday, September 26, 2004

tapes. so many tapes.

Still working on clearing that room out. Disassembled a big desk and got that outside, as well as an old mattress. Won't be able to maneuver the box spring down the stairs by myself though. I've had to make more space for old family photo albums, so I decided to toss out a bunch of old video tapes of my dad's that I've been sitting on for a few years. Into the trash they go... except, there's too many to go into the trash. There's several hundred, some containing movies, mostly containing tv shows. Good lord, who needs 30 video tapes full of Xena? There were far more than I wanted to carry out with my weak li'l arms, so I just loaded em in up in a big bin, dragged it down the stairs, and tossed them, a handful at a time, out the window onto the patio below. Now I have a big pile of tapes in my yard. Tres chic.

I made room to move all the photo albums and various picture stuff into a big, metal cabinet. Of course, in the process, I had to pause occasionally and look at them. It's kinda sad. I don't intend to have any children, and neither does my sister. Once we're gone, it's the end of the line, I suppose. All the memories will be gone, and all the pictures won't mean anything to anyone. 

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