Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Spent too much money today, I suppose. It's hard to stop tho, once you get into a serious shoppy mode. Bought books, expensive granite cleaners (really), some dvds, and even some choke chains from the pet store. Those aren't for choking, though, they're just conveniently-lengthed bits of chain that are good for tie-downs. I could brag that I made a girl break one before, but the truth is she snapped it while straining to scratch her nose while tied up. Doncha hate when that happens?

Oh, Steven King finally finished that Dark Tower series that he started when I was in.. what.. 7th grade? All the sudden he spits out the last three volumes in one year. I guess he got panicked that he would die and leave it unfinished. I suppose being hit by a truck and left on the side of the road is a good remedy for writer's block.

Speaking of writer's block, I've kinda had it lately. Some days I'll write as much as a whole sentence. Some days I just can't work up the mental motivation to.. write.... at.....

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