Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hey, it snowed last night. I went out in it a minute ago. It's very slippery and my nose got cold. It's a heavy, wet snow, and it's still above freezing so it's all drippy and water puddles are melting through in big patches, but it's still about five inches deep. That's kind of a lot for around here, in the middle of Arkansas. Used to be you could rely on 6 inches to a foot of snow in winter, enough to keep you out of school for a week. Haven't seen that in what seems like decades, though. Still, I have a lot of nostalgic memories concerning snow, even though there was seldom that much. One that I recalled earlier was walking through the neighborhood with family and.. cousins, maybe? Or was it neighbors? All I remember is they started rolling a big snowball along the sidewalk at one of the cross streets at the top of the hill. It just kept getting bigger and bigger, and I was of course very small at the time, so it seemed like it was about 5 feet tall. I remember seeing chunks of concrete that it had picked up embedded in the outside. When they got it to the curb, it was too heavy to roll any farther, so they just left it to sit there, a giant snow ball on the corner. I suppose it gradually melted into a giant snow lump.

"Peas and carrots do not make a meal, they make a side dish. And you can pile up a mound of mashed potatoes, but you're not gonna get any meat."