Monday, March 3, 2008

crabs ahoy

Gosh it's windy out there today, along with rainy.  It tore the wreath right off my front door and hurled it down the stairs.  Well, then.  I guess nature didn't care for my x-mas wreath on the door in March.  That'll show me.

One of my male fiddler crabs has been losing lots of limbs lately.  Normal crab = 8 legs, 2 claws.  Yesterday he was down to just the one claw.  Rather pathetic sight, indeed.  This morning I caught the red claw crabs red-handed.. eating the remains of the one-limbed fiddler.  Well they hardly ever show themselves, and when they do it's to eat the plants and other crabs apparently, so I returned them today.  The fish girl wasn't supposed to take them back, but I guess I must have looked despondent standing there with my tupperware full of crab, and she relented.  So I got a couple more female fiddlers to replace them.  They're adjusting right now and finding bits of goody to eat.