Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Too left-brainy

Have you ever wondered how junebugs survive?  They can barely fly, careening wildly into every solid object they can find, and once crash-landed they can barely walk with their prickly uncoordinated legs picking up every loose bit of cobweb nearby, and they end up staggering in small circles.  Yet, they somehow seem to get by.  It's a mystery.

I've been silent of late since I haven't much ado to report, other than the buzzing of cicadas.  It's the summeriest of sounds.  Mainly I've been preoccupied with that old idea of making the slave role generator concept into a sims-like game.  Now and then it just keeps popping into my head, regardless of how ill-conceived it is.  So, in order to satisfy that urge by attempting to do something, I've been reading up on C# programming.  I'm... not very good at this.

The general idea is that I might be able to make something with Unity3D, a mostly free game engine.  I have a fair idea how I'd want it to function and look, along with how I'd want a needs-based AI to function.  But to make even the simplest of games there's gotta be programming.  And that hurts my brain!  I've never been good at learning new languages - it's so left-brainy.  I get most of the basic concepts okay, but the 'grammar' of it isn't wanting to stick in my head.  I look at the examples and think, "I know this is supposed to make sense . . . but how!?"

But, I'm still going at it... blindly... gropingly...