Thursday, July 10, 2008

A touch of the update

Looks like it's been a bit since my last entry, but there's just not been too much going on around here. My fiddler crabs are doing fine.. I've yet to lose a single one, cept for the one that was eaten by the red crabs which I returned months ago. The guppies are another story. I'm on my 4th pair. I'm not sure why, my water quality is within good limits, maybe they're just short-lived. I never have to worry about fishing out bodies, though... crabs are excellent scavengers. Pounce on the fish almost the instant they stop moving. Never seen them attack the live ones.

I went to PetCo the other week for some new guppies. There was a cute, very young TG girl working in the fish section. Funny, when I applied to that exact same store for a summer job about 15 years ago, the guy told me they couldn't hire me unless I cut my hair and lost the earrings. Guess times change. She was envious of my hair. She was wearing a copper-colored wig with really big corkscrew curls that made me think of Little Miss Muffet. I didn't say anything about her TGism, though. Even though I was 98% sure she was TG, if I said something and was 2% wrong, imagine how bad that'd make a girl feel. I usually err on the side of caution, which of course means I seldom say anything at all.

Today I returned an extra garden hose I didn't need to Home Depot. The lady at the returns desk instantly zeroed in on my nails, which are slightly long at the moment. She was amazed, all 'I never seen nails that clean and white before! Wow. Clean, clean hands.' I just smiled, utterly bewildered, and waited for my receipt.

I had a nice-enough 4th of July. Shot of some fireworks with a friend and his daughter. There sure was something dead and stinky off in the grass at the side of the road. Too dark to tell what it was, but bleah.

Evil Dolly's Movie Recommendation of the Day: I went to see Wall-E the other day. I highly recommend it. Although the ending part was a little too typical animated-action finale sorta thing, overall it was quite good. The loneliness aspect I could certainly relate to. And it features one of the sweetest on screen romances I've ever seen on film.