Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Mmm.. that new flogger smell

Yaaay!  My new floggers have arrived.  I've been waiting for em for a couple of months.  I guess custom floggers take a long time to make.  I got some softer-than-soft elk floggers, a heavy/stingy oiltan leather one, and one made of purple, satin cords with rubber-coated tips that sting like hell, and a cane with three thin, bendy rods.  Hooray for me!  Now, I just need a victim.. er, guinea pig.. er, willing volunteer.  Yeah.  I have a blindfold that's supposed to be nice and comfy, yet effective, on order.  hee hee

I also got a couple bondagy figurines in the mail .  It's hard to find that stuff in the mainstream.  Pretty, tho.  One is a woman in an iron maiden thing and the other is a woman hanging from fleshhooks.  A perfect addition to any home.

Evil Dolly's Book Recommendation of the Day:  I just read Undead and Unwed, and it's sequel Undead and Unemployed, by Mary Janice Davidson, and I thought they were hilarious.  It's about a borderline-ditzy, shoe-obsessed blond who finds herself the queen of vampires.  A very fast read, but entertaining.  Since it's a romance, kinda, it's very hetero oriented, but at least there's lesbians in it.

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