Monday, January 16, 2006


Spent a couple hours raking leaves today. Now I smell all leafy. Filled up a bunch of jumbo leaf bags, but I only got half the front yard. Looks like a bad comb-over. I can tell I'm going to be sore in the morning. I'm such a wuss. Maybe I should bulk up and go for the Amazonian look. Then again, it'd probably make me look *blech* masculine. Nobody needs that.

I haven't been writing too much lately, kinda got blocked. It happens. I've been busily doing some computer tidying, made like 65 cd's doing backups of stuff. That's a lot!

And I made a copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) for a friend. He had only watched like 5 minutes of it before calling me up and crying "It burns! It buuurns!"

Have you ever noticed how spam titles are getting stranger these days? And the bodies of the messages, I suppose designed to confound spam filters, are just downright insane. The mind struggles to make sense of it, but no sense is forthcoming. Little snippets of half-formed thoughts all cobbled together. Here's an example of one I got today...

Re: Humph sponge
I arrested of vulnerability a shoes? the plants is powerless
She accompanied was violent of caches it geese profession?
Me jeering northeast is goggled of flinch a emigre
A persisted the dash translation it quota she rasped
You rivers of shamming the demigod and jester or roomy
Not flat you happen? and threemonth me crisscross chitons
No syllables is chucked this zwei of priceless the nice?
If rotate we incidentally of fortress a wretch is murder
An echo me risk you flies she languor strikes
Have gilded lilies of unfeasible it leafing was burnt
Was attached not game? lewd a untied or nurse
And snatched bright is escorted of civilian an rustling

It's.. like.. Vogon poetry.

Sunday, January 8, 2006

clawing out my mind's eyes

Ever have those dreams where you can't believe you actually dreamed them? Like, say, oh I dunno, one featuring a comical musical number by vampires?


Well, it's a new year. Same old, same old. I've been feeling down lately, just cause it's another year gone with nothing much accomplished. At least, it feels like nothing much accomplished. And, of course, still without a pet to call my own. Had a another fake, though. Whoopee!

It was in the 70's today, which feels more like mid-spring than early january. Darn global warming! Was out doing yardwork today, and I was uncomfortably warm in the sun. I started raking but that got old fast. So I blew leaves! I didn't really have anywhere to blow them, though, except in circles. It was kinda fun tho.

You know what's a funny word?


Think about it.