Monday, November 14, 2005

blustery day

It's pouring down rain with wall-shaking thunder outside.  Sheets of rain in a strong wind.  The street is a river of dead leaves.  Quite impressive, really.  November is usually pretty damp here.  I don't mind that so long as it's it not a frigid damp.

I've been having long streams of strange dreams lately.  But as strange as they are, they just slip away shortly after waking.  Usually, I can remember the stranger ones for a while.  For instance, the other night I had some dream about this woman who was kidnapping these other women, forcing them to wear girdles, and I suspect she intended to make them into manniquins after skinning them alive.  I think I was one of her victims.  Anyway, a bunch of stuff happened that is too ethereal to recall, but I remember a car chase.  The police caught her, but in an act of vengeance they tormented her instead of arresting her.  They stuffed her a small cardboard box, no bigger than a suitcase, filled it in with crepe paper, and wrapped it all up in duct tape.  Then they disguised it as a large stereo and put on a shelf.  I remember playing with the knobs and dials on the top, and I guess the headphones were in on her ears, because when you turned up the volume, you could hear the faint and very muffled screams of pain get louder inside.  Almost loud enough to be heard of the music.  I guess that counts as a happy ending. Very odd.