Thursday, June 13, 2013


What's going on?  Well, there's just not been much going on around here, it seems.  I've done a little writing, but no huge leaps.  I've also been scanning and restoring lots of old family photos, to preserve them before they all turn yellow and fade away.  Just finished the album of the road trip up to Maine when I was 6.  And I have a summer cold!  Hmm, it's not quite summer yet.  It's a spring cold.  But that sounds strange. 

Anyway, I've been preoccupied the last month or so.  For the past eight years or so I've hosted the parties for one of the local kink groups.  We've been saving up our money for a real dungeon, though, and now finally we found a suitable place.  A big place!  It's called The Foundry and is, in terms of square footage, now one of the biggest dedicated play spaces in the US, or so I've been told.  Lots of people have been working on making it look snazzy with decorating and painting and building furniture.  I'm not very handy, so I've been donating lots of supplies. There's still a lot people want to do with decorating and furniture, so it's an ongoing project, but people seem happy to have such a large space in Arkansas of all places.

It feels strange not hosting the parties anymore, but at least I can sleep in now.  For the past eight years I haven't had the option, I've had to be up for every party.  Now I can skip if I wanna!