Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bad chair. Bad.

To accompany the previous entry's rant on incompatible spectacles, I'll mention computer chairs.  It's only fair.

My old computer chair was getting a little long in the tooth, loosing wheels and such.  As I sat lopsided on a half-wheeled chair, I thought 'Might be time for a new chair.'  So I went to the office place and sampled many chairs, some comfortable, some painful.  I picked a chair only to find, once assembled, it didn't quite work for me.  See, most of the time I perch here cross-legged.  It's just the most comfortable way for me.  That only works if you don't have pointy chair arms digging into your thighs.  I got bruised!  So I took it back and got a nice, comfy leather chair with plenty of sitting-space.  Except that one was too wide to fit under the desk so I had to lean forward to type, and that's just not gonna work.  So I got a third chair, which is kinda hard and small, but it fits under the desk and allows me to cross-leg it.  Except the tilt tension is so tight that even at it's lowest setting, it's very hard to recline.  Nothing's easy!

Had a heating and air guy here the other day giving me an estimate on some damaged crawlspace ductwork (don't know how, but a duct had come loose of the floor and has been air conditioning the basement for god knows how long).  So anyway, while he's looking around for a place to put some additional intake vent space, he looks inside my understair closet.  In the rear wall of that closet (which is about ten feet deep), I have a very heavy chain bolted and hanging down (above an old bath mat for comfort, aren't I nice?).  It's impossible to miss.  He was silent for long moments while looking in the closet, but he didn't say a word.  Good for him.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Aah my eyes!

It's a Monday.

I went to eye glasses place in the mall to see about some new glasses.  My current ones are about seven years old and have gotten mightily scuffed over the years.   For some reason, they won't sell you glasses unless you have a current perscription, so I had to have an eye test, too.   Well, I got that done then wandered through eyeglass place for an hour, trying to make a decision.  The problem with glasses these days is that they keep getting smaller and smaller.  I need glasses to see, see, and if I only have a narrow strip of vision and the rest is blurred, it doesn't do me all that much good.  Pretty soon glasses will probably consist of quarter inch wide strip.. "It's fashion!" they'll say, as they walk straight into walls, bushes, low-flying birds.

So anyway, it's hard to find a pair that have reasonable coverage without being massive black plastic, square-lens, nerd frames.. the kind my father wore in the 50's through the 70's.  At last I found some which I thought suitable, along with some sunglasses for driving, because they're cool and who doesn't wanna be cool?  Got them on (wow, everything's so clear!), went home, and found I couldn't wear them for more than 15 minutes without a splitting headache.  Maybe they're calibrated wrong or something.  Took two hours to sleep off the headache and my eyes still feel bushed.  I'll have to try to take them back tomorrow.  Prolly have to end up with little strip glasses in spite of it all.

I was poking around in my leaky storeroom yesterday, thinking that I ought to get rid of some of the stuff just to open up some space.  Could stand to get a new shed, but that's an expense that can wait.  There's some stuff in there that could go to Goodwill, like a pair of lamps that are excessively lemon yellow--yellow to the point of being aggressive.  I have no idea where those came from.  I looked inside a vase and saw a brown recluse at the bottom staring back at me.  Now I'm scared to go back in there.

I also used 120 pounds of dirt to fill in a stumphole.  Yes, I have a stumphole, and now it's filled.  Sounds kinda naughty.