Monday, August 27, 2007

Steamy Doldrums

It's been hot.  Really hot.  There's hardly been a drop of rain for a month, and it's been in the 100's and super humid much of that time.  Downright unhospitable.  I've had to scamper around the yard moving the sprinkler around every day.  Finally, at the end of the August, the weather seems to be about to turn.  There's even a few leaves starting to fall, foreshadowing the crunch goodness of 13 oak trees dumping their leaves on the lawn. 

I had a weird dream.  I was in a Chinese restaurant and trying to pay a check.  I had an appetizer but had ordered the rest to go.  The appetizer had been a bowl of soup, called in some places on the menu as "Cursed Cabbage Soup" and other places as "Dammit Cabbage Soup" (and reading that name "Dammit!  Cabbage soup!" just made me laugh and spray cola all over the place and then sit here blinking in surprise for a bit).  Anyway, I couldn't get anyone's attention in order to pay the bill.  Time went by and I got more and more frustrated.  After maybe thirty minutes of wandering around the place, I didn't even want the food anymore.. though I did bump into the Japanese prime minister and shook his hand.  Some mobster-lookin guys came and I got nervous for some reason and took off out the back door. 

I ran up a steep hill on a well-worn dirt path that was bordered by tall, thick grass.  It was night.  Somebody followed me and caught up with me, he had really skinny arms and legs.  He took me to a place with a bunch of old human bones sticking out of the ground, and I knew he meant me no good.  There was a big pile of large, rotting pumpkins nearby, so I shoved him down onto the pointy bones and started throwing the pumpkins at him.  He threw a few back at me, but I eventually buried him.

Then I was looking through a hole in the bottom of my basement door.  I noticed a bug I thought might be a hornet laying eggs in a nest by the opening, above a pile of old cans.  Every time I looked back, the bug got bigger until it was a foot long, and there were a few others, too.  I was trying to figure out how I was going to get rid of the darn nest when one of the bugs fell on the cans beneath the nest, and the can started spraying green gas.. it was a bug bomb.  I thought that was a good solution, but it didn't appear to bothering the bugs too much.  Then I realized that the bugs were actually really ugly, inbred cats, and I got concerned the gas would hurt them.  Most of the cats were hairless except for their heads and the tips of their tails, and they started talking, but I can't recall what about.  One came out of the basement.. it was a short black cat with its paws on sideways.  Despite its paws, it was quite friendly.  It chirped like a bird when petted.  The other cats started talking, but I can't remember what about, cause I woke up.  Weird.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


A bridge collapsed into a wide, muddy river in Minnesota.  Remember that dream I had a few days ago?  It looked an awful lot like that in my dream.  Weird.