Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Well, that's quite a mess down there. I have a certain connection to New Orleans, since I had relatives who just recently lived there and it was my father's favorite city. I'm like 500 miles north of NO, and I got an absolute downpour from the very outermost edge of the storm before the thing even hit land.. just to give people an idea of how big it was. Yesterday there was a constant wind all day long. Strange to think that the wind blowing my chimes was actually part of a hurricane. Hmm.

Today I'm in an irritable mood. I get like that sometimes. The slightest things make frustrated, which is unusual since most of the time I'm far too easy-going. Things like people following too closely in the movie store while jangling their keys, long lines, stupid drivers, half-naked men standing in the middle of the street. It's best if I just stay indoors and don't leave. Better yet to take it out on a slave and torture them cruelly.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Perfect Storm

I was out driving today when a big storm hit. For some reason I really like driving in a storm. It makes me giddy. I saw a couple lightning strikes not too far away. I had a craving for a tuna sub on wheat, but it was raining too hard and I didn't feel like getting wet. Later I was standing in the living room and watching the rain, while thinking how nice it all was. Thunder rumbled every few seconds. It was only noon, but it was so dark it looked to be late evening. It put me in mind of the archetypal storm you recall from childhood.. when you were stuck indoors, watching the rain fall and waiting for it to stop so you could go play. When you grow up, a rainy day is a good reason to stay inside and snuggle. Evil people can snuggle, too!

Just went for a walk and it was muggy, but a lot cooler than it has been for a while. There was a pretty blue and pale pink sunset. A toad crossed my path. That's good luck.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Smiling under gray clouds

Had a good party last night. Lots of talk, food, got to do a little beating. Good stuff.

The weather is odd at the moment. It's been super hot.. over 100 the past week. Right now it's in the evening and still 97. But it's strange out because there's a rumbly gray stormcloud overhead, but the sun is still shining from the west, so the trees are all bright and sunny under a gray sky. Couple of days ago it was pouring rain while still all sunny. Foxes hold their marriages on days like that, you know.

Global warming made my azaleas wilt!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Turtle Redux

This morning I went to take my trash can out to the curb, and sitting there behind it was that same baby turtle. Thinking that being in the middle of a spacious concrete patio is no place for a baby turtle, I took him and placed him under some shady railroad ties in the backyard, some 30 feet away.

Just now, as I put the trashcan back, I saw him again, back in the same place! Why is a baby turtle so interested in a patio that's bereft of organic life? I figured if he crawled all that way back, he must really like it there, so I didn't move him again. Some critters. Sheesh.

Finished writing a little story-ish kind of thing. A sort of horror-comedy satire on the care and keeping of pet zombies. It was just a funny idea I had and I went with it. I was pretty happy with it and it made me laugh, though I suspect it might be a touch on the disturbing side. Ah well.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Teensy Tortoise

Only a few minutes ago, I went out to move the sprinkler.  It's still hot and dry.  Below the hose faucet, I found a micro-turtle!  A tiny, baby turtle come out to drink from the faucet drippings.  Too cute!  I wonder what it eats?

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Been a While

I know I haven't written anything, but there just haven't been a huge amount of write-worthy things.  And when there are, I just haven't felt like writing.  I've been laaazy. 

It's been really hot here.  Of course, it's summer, and a certain amount of heat is to be expected.  Some rain would be nice.  Probably put on a pound or two just because it's too hot for any outdoor activity.  Even at night!  It's better to just lurk indoors with all the shades drawn.  The cicadas are having a blast, though.

I've had to deal with a spat of fakes lately.  That's left me feeling rather frustrated and upset.  And when I get like that, I get reclusive.

I finally got the new cage.. yay!  It's nice and sturdy.  It doesn't have much head room, but it's long and great to stretch out in.  Someone could stay in there for a nice, long while, I think.

Speaking of photos, sometimes I like to step outside and take photos of sunrises (I'm often up at that time of day).  Usually they come out terribly blurry, but sometimes I get a few good ones.  Here's a few from the past months: