Monday, September 20, 2004

I'm dusty

I've been working on a big project with the end goal to empty out one of my three 'junk' rooms (everybody has one or two). I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with the empty room once it's done. Perhaps make it into a studio or playspace/dungeon. Or both. But before that It Must Be Empty. Easier said than done.

How the hell did I get so much stuff!?

First problem was making space in the other rooms to fit all the stuff from that room into those rooms without making it impossible to open the doors of said rooms. I began that just over a month ago. I decided to start with shifting a ton of books around and getting rid of the old ones I had inherited and had no interest in. I mean.. what do I need with an open-water canoeing manual made in the 70's? Or a book on how to build underground houses? Or 10 dozen crumbly, "based on a true story!" paperback novels on world war 2? I mean, really. By the time I finished sifting through all the books, I had dozens of precariously stacked, four foot tall piles lining the walls of my kitchen, living room, and hallway. Then it dawned on me- How am going to get rid of all these? Why, donate them to the library of course! Let them deal with the 40 volume set of 60's family craft projects. It only took 2 fully loaded minivan trips to the public library. I almost killed myself getting all those books in and out of that thing in that heat. Anyway, that part is finally done. Still, more stuff! It breeds when you're not looking.

I just finished another part of the project, which was to organize, bag, and store properly the closetfull of old comics and magazines left to me by my dad. Took me several days. Much was trash, but there was some good stuff in there. Like, underground comics from the 60's and 70's by Crumb, et al. I didn't have a price guide for those, but according to the book I have, there's about 3k worth of old stuff in those boxes now. Of course, I probably wouldn't get a fourth of that if I went ahead and tried to sell it. Maybe I'll just sit on it for 10 or 20 more years and see if it appreciates. It'd better appreciate the effort I'm going to, at least. I also went through my own old porn stuff and tossed out a bunch. Man, I hope that bag doesn't split when the trash collectors come. Don't need bad bondage porn carried all up and down the street in a gust of wind. Might make the neighbors glance at me askew. Like they don't already.

Now I have enough free space opened up to start emptying out the room, which is what I've been doing slowly the past couple days. The hard part is moving the heavy furniture either into another room or outside to get tossed, which is what I just came downstairs from doing some of. I swear, there's never a slave around when you need one. Sometimes D/s just seems to come down to "Alright, now you pick up your end."

Ack! There's cobwebs on my shorts!

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