Thursday, September 23, 2004

Sloppy joe... slop.. sloppy joe

Well, didn't have tamales. Had sloppy joes instead. Haven't had those for like four years. But I ate too much and now I probably won't eat again for 24 hours. That's probably not healthy. I got that star wars trilogy dvd set, just because. I was too young when the first movie came out to feel very nostalgiac about it, being born in 75. However, I do have a vague memory seeing it at a drive-in (shortly before it was torn down) down by the river. I was lying on a blanked on the hood of a station wagon, I think. That had to be around 78 or 79, and if that's the case, it must be one of my earliest memories. Strange to think.

Evil Dolly's Movie Recommendation of the Day: Malice@Doll. If you like surreal, confusing anime with a hint of hentai, then this movie is for you. It's done computer generated style. It's about a pink-haired, robotic sex doll prostitute living in an abandoned city with other similar dolls and various maintanence robots. They keep hoping human customers will show up, since that's what they're programmed for, all they while continuing to break down. Malice Doll has dreams of being human, and in a confusing sequence, gets her wish. Only now her kiss is contagious and infects other robots with organic life, which they're not all prepared to cope with. A very strange, confusing, surprisingly moving, and visually engrossing movie that needs more than one viewing. And it's got sexy dolls, so how can you beat that?

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