Sunday, May 21, 2006

Not the bamboo! You bastards!

They cut down the bamboo!  Those people who moved in next door, those oh so normal people...  there was a tiny grove of pretty bamboo that lived in that backyard longer than I've been alive.  It's always been there.  And they went and cut it all down, every last green, bendy pole.  Alas.  It sounded so nice in the wind, was so shady, and made such a nice privacy wall.  They replaced it with a thick layer of big bark chunks.  That's so much more attractive.  They'll regret getting rid of all that shade come July.

Friday, May 19, 2006

I sense people

Uh oh.  I think there are people moving in next door.  That house has been empty for a couple years now, and I liked it that way.  Now I'll have to worry about the sounds of spankings.  It's difficult to instill proper discipline when one is walking on eggshells!  Well, perhaps it won't be so noticeable.
I took too long of a nap today, it'll probably mess up my sleeping for days.

I spent a couple hours looking through personals at various bdsm sites.  It seems the ones I'm most interested in are all taken and not looking (then why do you have a personal ad?).  And, ironically, a lot of the most interest-compatible ones are a little too wild for me.  I'm just boring, I guess, but I just don't enjoy clubbing and partying.  Living in Arkansas is a problem, and not simply because the scene here is so scanty.  I realize I'll likely have to relocate someone to me.  Problem is, I doubt there's too many who live in NY or CA who would want to move into the middle of nowhere and leave all that behind.  Kinda narrows the options a little.

People say you find what you want when you're not looking for it.  But the people who say that probably have never been alone for years and years.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

May Springs Eternal

It's been some pretty nice weather lately.  Cold breezes, torrential rains, lightning... good stuff!  Sure has made the plants green.  I've got some mosquito bites, though, so that's a bad sign of things to come.  I was just outside hacking up some thorny, choking vine growing from the neighbor's yard.

There's not too much going on at the moment.  The new playrooms got a minor workout and everything went off without a hitch.  Or rather, there was considerable hitching, so it worked according to plan.  And nothing broke! 

I went to a friend's college graduation ceremony.  It's something she's been working on for a long time, and even though I haven't known her all that long, I know it hasn't been an easy thing to accomplish.  I was proud of her. 

Doncha hate it when you go to Blockbuster on new release day and there's nothing good at all?  I mean, as far as worthwhile movies go, the pickings are usually pretty slim, but the past month or so it's just been... bleah.  The other week I bought a used movie (a Wallace and Grommet, if you must know) but they forgot to take that yellow security lock out, the one that keeps you from opening the case.  After delicately mangling the case for a while trying to get the thing out in one piece without harming its precious cargo, I finally searched online.   Turns out the locks come loose with magnets.  Fiendishly clever. 

I saw two cardinals having sex.

... I want to take you home with me and tuck you into bed
I want to see what makes you tick inside your precious head
I want to see you laugh tonight, I want to see weep
I want to listen to you while you're screaming in your sleep...

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

April Showers

The last few days of April brought a positive torrent of rain storms.  About as hard as it ever rains here.  Water was just roaring down the street.  Definately a day for staying indoors.  Rain either makes me feel giddy or sleepy, but never sad like some people.  You can make the gloomiest things a happy event for you; it's all in how you choose to perceive it.

And, coincidentally, on that rainy day the work on my new playrooms was officially finished.  They still need a touch up here and there, and they're devoid of furniture or decoration, but they're done. The drapes are up, the walls are painted (good girl), the carpet and wood flooring's down, the wiring and lighting is all finished.  One side is pink and girly, where pain and degradation is a happy, fluffy thing, and the other side is reddish, more somber and a little gothy.  I'll take some pictures to post once I make some fabric decisions and get it nice and fancied up.

.. I'm the one who knows what scares you
I'm the one who loves you best..