Monday, December 16, 2013

The Electric Buzz of Merriment

I got iced in last week.  Couldn't leave the house for days.  Inches of hardened sleet, in early December no less.  Just ain't natural.  But at least it was just sleet, and sleet doesn't pull down trees and cause blackouts.

Speaking of trees, I hope everyone has their lights and trees up by now and gotten things all festive-like.  I went with a blue theme this year.  Used some outdoor icicle leds I had sitting around on the tree.  With the lights on it's an innocent, if brightly lit, white tree.
But turn off the lights and
I feel like I have to shout to be heard over it!  Even though it's completely silent!  And I'm writing!  That's how blue it is!

Happy Yuletimes!  Yeah!