Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Summer's Ending

It's getting cooler out at night. That makes going on walks much more pleasant. Soon the leaves will turn and cover the ground in crispy brown drifts. Already the acorns are dropping, and those guys really hurt when you walk on them barefoot. I'm a barefoot kinda person. I guess that means I'm southern, I dunno.

There's not much to be said about the hurricane thing that hasn't already been said. Just bad business all around. My sister still doesn't know the condition of her house. I've been watching *way* too much cable news. Screwed up my sleep I'd watch it so long, and then I had a couple nights of dreaming about strange flood scenarious. Who knew that'd happen?

Going to the doctor again tomorrow. Hopefully I can clear this dizzyness up. It's been plaguing me for a month. Just enough to be annoying, but not enough to cause real harm.

Evil Dolly's Pet Peeve of the Day: You know how when a recipe calls for a pound of beef? No problem nowadays. They have those pre-packaged, perfectly weighed meat tubes. Except for the stores that don't have them, and still use the standard meat-on-a-styrofoam-tray. Used to be if I needed a pound of meat, you could find one pretty close... 1.03 lb, .97 lb, 1.12 lb. Nowadays all I can ever seem to find is 1.79, or 1.43. They're forcing you to buy all that extra meat. And if you do buy it, your recipe ratios will be completely off. You have to adjust everything for a pound and a half, or whatever. I like my meat in precise increments!

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