Sunday, September 11, 2005

Blood? Why?

A friend just called to ask me to a movie, but I had to decline. Just not feeling up to it. Which is a shame, cause I would like some nachos...

And just a few minutes ago, I went to turn on the sprinkler, and must have stepped on something. I was just sitting here and noticed the sole of my foot was itchy, and I looked down to find blood all over my foot. That's always startling. It was just a tiny little cut and had already stopped bleeding. Dunno where all that blood came from.

So a while back I got a dvd burner, because my data cd's were just getting way out of hand.  You can fit like 7 cd's onto one dvd, so it seemed like a viable alternative.  I've been having lots of techno-confusion trying to figure out how to do it right.  That is to say, make the discs readable on drives other than the one that wrote it, cause if that drive breaks, then nothing else would be able to read all of the precious, stored data.  I've gone through about 25 discs, and they aren't exactly cheap.  Today I figured I try using a different kind of dvd (there are lots of kinds) and I went to Best Buy and got a spindle full.  Got to feeling a little queasy in Linens'n'Things (I was looking at new squishy pillows).  I've been getting that frequently from either the mysterious malady or the medicine I'm taking for it.  So I rush home, only to find that I bought a stack of cd's instead of dvd's.  Had to go back and exchange them and now I'm tired.  I'll find out in a few minutes if it was worth the effort.

Had a series of strange dreams last night.  In one I was taking a math test that didn't have a thing to do with math, with a bunch of essay questions.  I hate doing schoolwork in my sleep!  In another one I was in some kind of reunion being held in a movie theater lobby, and a woman who previously threatened me with a gun was trying to flirt with me.  And in another, people were fleeing fires everywhere... seems like most of the buildings were on fire.  Not engulfed in flames, just, ya know, little fires here and there.  I was hiding in a hotel and mold kept popping up everywhere.  Aggressive, chase-you-around kinda mold.  I was trying to burn patches of it off the walls with a cigarette lighter.  I think I grew wings somehow, cause I remember flying up the side of the hotel and looking down at the city, and everything was all covered in a thick blanket of fluffy mold.

Noooo!  The different disc didn't work, it can't even read it at all!   Aaaagh!

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