Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Well, that's quite a mess down there. I have a certain connection to New Orleans, since I had relatives who just recently lived there and it was my father's favorite city. I'm like 500 miles north of NO, and I got an absolute downpour from the very outermost edge of the storm before the thing even hit land.. just to give people an idea of how big it was. Yesterday there was a constant wind all day long. Strange to think that the wind blowing my chimes was actually part of a hurricane. Hmm.

Today I'm in an irritable mood. I get like that sometimes. The slightest things make frustrated, which is unusual since most of the time I'm far too easy-going. Things like people following too closely in the movie store while jangling their keys, long lines, stupid drivers, half-naked men standing in the middle of the street. It's best if I just stay indoors and don't leave. Better yet to take it out on a slave and torture them cruelly.

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