Saturday, April 16, 2005


I have a party tonight, so I've been running around trying to make the house a rough a facsimile of tidy. I went to take out the trash and something occured to me. When I was growing up, there were caterpillars *everywhere* this time of year. You know, those inch-and-a-half long black and brown fuzzies with blue spots. There were so many, you had to be careful where you stepped, lest you squash one. But I've hardly seen any at all in years. A long time! It's like they all just up and disappeared.
Then I got to thinking about how 'they' say, perhaps we create our own reality. So, what the hell. I walked around the yard, thinking, 'make a caterpillar.. create your own caterpillar' over and over. No caterpillars in the backyard.. or the side of the house.. or the front yard. Ah well. I did see that the iris had bloomed at last, and that was just as good, so I was happy.
Walking back to the house, I looked at the wall, and there was a caterpillar just moseying away along the top. I picked it up and let it crawl around in my hands in that ticklish way they do, and I was laughing out loud. I made a caterpillar! I even took a picture of it.
Coincidence? Probably. But isn't it funny how a coincidence can make you feel so good?

Go out and create your own caterpillars.

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