Sunday, April 3, 2005

Another dusty day

Got sidetracked on a semi-minor project. Since I was able to get the last of the Giant Evil Cabinets moved from upstairs, I put it in the shed out back. Having that there allowed me to move all this yard supply stuff from these smaller cabinets sitting in the carport into there. I've been wanting to get rid of the cabinets in the carport for some time now. Sure, it's a perfectly serviceable place for them to be, but they face the street and it just didn't look very nice. And my yard looks shabby enough as it is. So I finally got everything moved out of them and into the shed, opening up the carport quite a bit. Sometime in the future I might try to put some kinda planter in there.. make it look all nice. All nice outside to hide the insidious evil within mwuahahahaha

I've discovered I unnerve people far more than I thought I did. Hm. Who knew?

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