Friday, April 1, 2005

Casserole time

I'm sooo tired and headachy. An electrician was supposed to come yesterday afternoon, but after sitting and waiting for five hours, I was informed that he couldn't make it til this morning. So I got up four hours early (I've been sleeping til about 11 or noon) so that I'd be up when he came. And he was about three hours late. Sigh. And then it took him til 5 to get the work done, so I couldn't nap effectively. Now my day is pretty much a bust, since I'm too drowsy to really *do* anything, but can't go to sleep or I'll totally messed up for a party tomorrow.

But! The expensive electrician finally did what needed doing. I got an upgraded breaker box to handle the load of the (future) whirlpool tub as well as the electric hoists I want installed. Fixed a porch light that's been broken for two years, and finally replaced two outlets in the future playroom that were old and worn out. They probably could have lived without replacing, but I didn't trust them. And the last thing I need in a room where a girl is locked in a cage is an electrical fire. Safety first! Aren't I considerate?

Had an annoying dream during one of my naps. I was really hungry and driving to the mall. On the seat beside me was a sack with fast food, like a burger and fries, so I started to eat the fries. Then I remembered that I had left the bag there yesterday, and it prooobably wasn't too safe to eat. So I spit the fries out of the car window and they went bouncing down the street. There was a mcdonald's at the mall, so I figured I'd just stop there really quick. There was a long line, though, and when I finally got my food, the lights went out. Seems the little restaurant also doubled as a movie theater. You kinda had to sit on a grassy hump on the floor and stare up at a movie projected on the ceiling. It was some super-cheesy 50's scifi movie. Anyway, about halfway through eating the burger, I notice that the meat is all moldy. Like, fuzzy green mold kinda moldy. So I take it back and complain, and they give me another for free. I got distracted for a while by some people I knew in high school, and by the time I get down to eating, I notice that the second burger is also moldy. So I get *another* one, check to make absolutely sure there's no mold, almost start to eat... and then I wake up. Dammit!

I'm hungry :/

I don't think I want hamburger, though.

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