Saturday, May 28, 2005

Old Papers

Today I decided to start going through the old filing cabinet that is holding decades worth of files and records. Most of it I'm tossing out, some of it I'm keeping Just In Case. You can come across odd things when going through old family records. For instance, I never knew my mother had breast implants. It's just not something you notice when growing up and nobody tells you these things when you're a child. I only just found out because according to this stuff, before her death she was working on getting in on that class-action suit against silicon implant makers back in the 90's, for the reason of degenerative joint disease. Didn't know she had that either. Funny how many things can be hidden from children as long as they're happy in their status quo.

Also took a bunch of books to a used book place to see if I could sell them. He only wanted half, so the rest will have to go to the library. I got a cute book on fairy clothing in trade.

If I ever had a baby girl, which I don't plan on, I would name her Anastasia.

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