Friday, May 20, 2005

late nights and writing

My sleeping is all messed up. It's hard to get much accomplished errand-wise when you're a night owl. Most places are closed when I'm awake, leaving just a narrow window before noon to get stuff done. Of course, by then, I'm really sleepy and not much in the mood for driving around or whatever. Well, that'll all be reversed soon enough. Sleep people say when left to our own devices, people revert to a 25 hour day, sleeping later each day. Why would that be? Mars has a 25 hour day. Coincidence?! Eh, prolly.

I've gotten back to writing a lot lately. The last part of the story I've been working on for months and months finally revealed itself to me. Took long enough.

Oh my god. I just swallowed a multivitamin before realizing that the expiration date on the bottle is *this month*. Taking expired medicine. I'm doomed! Walls.. closing in... can't reach phone... vitamin loss... critical...

I'm going back to writing.

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