Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Been a While

I know I haven't written anything, but there just haven't been a huge amount of write-worthy things.  And when there are, I just haven't felt like writing.  I've been laaazy. 

It's been really hot here.  Of course, it's summer, and a certain amount of heat is to be expected.  Some rain would be nice.  Probably put on a pound or two just because it's too hot for any outdoor activity.  Even at night!  It's better to just lurk indoors with all the shades drawn.  The cicadas are having a blast, though.

I've had to deal with a spat of fakes lately.  That's left me feeling rather frustrated and upset.  And when I get like that, I get reclusive.

I finally got the new cage.. yay!  It's nice and sturdy.  It doesn't have much head room, but it's long and great to stretch out in.  Someone could stay in there for a nice, long while, I think.

Speaking of photos, sometimes I like to step outside and take photos of sunrises (I'm often up at that time of day).  Usually they come out terribly blurry, but sometimes I get a few good ones.  Here's a few from the past months:


crayle said...

The cage looks -um- interesting. For you or a guest?

EvilDolly said...

Heh a guest! Though I've hung out in it. It's quite cozy, makes me want to take a nap.