Monday, July 11, 2005


Took a nap that went on too long. Had a dream of auditioning for a tv show or something like that that lasted a while, then it turned into me standing outside of my house. I saw a glow on the horizon that turned into a mushroom cloud. It kept getting closer and closer and I ran inside. Kept expecting it to come, but there wasn't any sound or anything. I checked back outside and there was a huge, water-filled crater like all the way up to my doorstep. I could see some of the buildings downtown poking out of the water. Oddly, the power was still on, as well as the internet connection, so I typed in a room something like 'Wow, a nuclear bomb went off, I'll bbl'. I got my mom out of bed to show her what had happened. We saw strange-looking, clear tornados overhead, but they didn't do anything. There was an army medical station that had been set up down the street, and I asked them if there was a radiation danger. They said yes, but wouldn't tell me exactly how much. Then a nurse made some off-color joke concerning radiation sickness and my brain must've thought 'Alright, enough of that,' and I woke up.

Still slightly disoriented, I turned on the tv and there was one of those plastic surgery shows on. This one featured a transsexual getting facial surgery I need, yet fear. It was all quite gruesome. So this evening is just chock-full of anxiety.

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