Monday, July 4, 2005

Ooh, the pain! Oh, the pain of it all!

That's my Dr.Smith impression. I had another laser thing. Oh my god. I wept freely. It was all I could to do not leap out of the chair and start using the thing on my torturer- I mean, the nurse. AAAAH! Holy cow, that was the worst yet. Hot knife through flesh. I sure hope it works this time.

At least I finished the casette tape project. Yay!

Just got back from watching the fireworks. A friend knows a friend who can get us on top of a tall apartment building downtown, right next to the bridge the fireworks are launched from. It's quite noisy. It always reminds me of the time I was a child and we were going back to our car after a show.. it started pouring down rain. The torrent washed loose one of my flipflops and it went floating rapidly away down the street, never to be seen again. Strange chain of thought moment: You know how sometimes you're walking along the street, and there's a lone shoe sitting in the street or on the sidewalk. Who did those shoes belong to? Was someone just strolling along and decided they didn't need their left shoe anymore? Did it fall off their foot while they were too preoccupied to notice? I wonder.

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