Monday, June 6, 2005

Storm chaser

Yesterday was an odd day. Started with a dream about lesbian-envy, and another dream where someone was trying to drown me. Then I tried to cut back some ivy that's been getting a little out of control, using a weedeater I found in the shed. The ivy stems are so thick that the weedeater wire kept breaking, and I had to stop and replace it about 5 times while getting attacked by mosquitos.

Just got back from a walk minutes ahead of a gathering storm. My favorite time to be outside is before a storm. I always go outside if only for a few minutes when there's one approaching. It's just such a feeling of imminence: the strong wind, leaves rustling, the ominous clouds, the rumble of distant thunder. I got home just before the lightning got here.

And now it's pouring down rain by the bucket. Good timing! Although, I already watered the lawn today thinking it was getting too dry.

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