Thursday, March 24, 2005


These go over there.. this can fit over here.. I can get a few more of those up there.. now where the hell do I put this?

More tidying and organizing today. Making best use of shelf space and all that. There's a huge amount (like, half a closet full) of model ship and car kits. I considered selling them on ebay. They would probably sell, but these things take up so much space that I'd have to spend like $50 on boxes to ship them in.. not counting shipping cost. Just not cost effective. So I think I'll just drop em off at goodwill. With that idea in mind, I've been loading up the car with clothes and a TV I've been meaning to take there. I'll just pop the models in the back and drop it all off. Let them worry about it.

Once the huge metal cabinet they're in is empty, I can move that downstairs, put the photo albums and possibly the art supplies in it, and clear up a ton of space. Hmm, this might work, after all.

Oh! I just found a plump toad in my driveway. That's good luck!

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