Thursday, March 8, 2007

My head... my head!

What a miserable day.  A couple hours after I woke up I realized I was going blind... the sure signs of a migraine coming on.  I used to get them in high school, less frequently in college, and none at all in the past few years.  Once one's on its way, there's nothing you can do but cancel your appointments and slink into bed.  Ugh.  At least the worst seems to have passed now and I can see again.  Now I've got a lingering, throbbing headache, but at least I'm not nausious anymore.  And they still don't have a cure for these things.

On the up side this week, the new roof looks splendid.  Seems to have gotten put on without a hitch.  It has a lot more texture to it than the old, light gray shingles that have been up there since before I was born.  Next on the outdoor list is getting new siding or at least new paint.  If I had all my druthers in a row, I wish I could have natural stone siding.. always loved that look.. but that's just way too much money to spend on such a thing.  As for paint, I'd really like something in the mauve-ish area, but a little more subtle.  Or maybe a blue-ish or gray-ish lavender is the way to go.  Then again, I wouldn't want a color that'd lower property values of the whole block.  That's no way to win friends and influence people.

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