Monday, February 28, 2005


Great, I just got the hiccups like two minutes ago. This could take a while. Just got back from a walk, which wasn't such a great idea. It's cold out there! My eardrums are burning. My poor bulbs keep trying to grow but then get frosted all over again.

Had an unusual day yesterday. Got interviewed by a college student I know for a senior thesis. The topic was on gender and such. I had to recount my past and explain my nature. Didn't take that long hehe. But how many people can boast they're a thesis topic? I guess I'm just that weird.

Woke up after a strange dream. I ordered a cage by mail from this guy, but turns out the guy had been kidnapping girls and brainwashing them; I guess he was some kind of serial killer or somethin. I realized, looking through the receipts, that I had accidentally ordered one of those girls with the cage. I panicked, trying to destroy the evidence, fearing that I would get tied to it uninentionally. Skip to having some guests over, a few men and women, and I noticed that a boat trailer with the cage strapped down to it had been delivered and left there. Someone got the cage inside the house but I couldn't see inside the cage because it was all wrapped up in leather. I guessed she had been shipped across country in that thing like that. I went upstairs and was freaking out while one of the guys opened the thing and said something about a smelly corpse. More freaking out as I tried to think of what I should do, and how the heck was I going to get rid of a body. I went down to look, and there was a girl who had been dressed in a Hooters uniform (?) laying there on the floor outside the cage. Then her hands started fluttering and I saw she wasn't dead, just unconscious, possibly from dehydration. She started to come to and I was patting her cheeks and I think someone gave her mouth-to-mouth to get her breathing. She coughed and moaned and opened her eyes, and immediately started smiling, just happy to be there, cause she was like totally brainwashed and everything. So I guess it was a happy ending.

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