Wednesday, February 2, 2005


Had an odd dream just before I woke up. I was in a hotel room and I was preparing to visit an old domme of mine. I showered and the tub was stopped up, so the water got up to the top of the tub. When I got out I noticed there was a bunch of crawdads in the water, just kinda swimming around. I was getting dressed and the domme came banging on the door, insisting I come out. I was flustered, since I was only half dressed and in a bathrobe, but I put a whole bunch of keys in my pocket and went out anyway. I noticed she had a rifle with her, and she led me to a out front and she took a shotgun from the back seat and gave it to me. I was nervous, and getting more nervous, and she demanded I walk 300 feet away. I started crying, wanting to know why and was she going to shoot me. She just kept insisting and I started walking down the street. But I was getting too freaked out and kinda shifted into another dream, where I was laying in my bed. Although it was dark, I noticed the silhouette of a rather large spider, with spindly legs and the body the size of a jumbo shrimp climbing down a web at an angle above my bed. It was kinda aiming for the pillows beside me. I noticed I had a few strands of spiderweb over my body.. only a few, but they were really strong and I had to strain to break them one by one. I was doing it carefully so as not to disturb the spider. It kept getting closer so I tried to roll out of bed, but there were still some strands left, and my pulling broke the spider's strand and it fell onto the bed near me. I grabbed an empty mountain dew can off the nightstand and tried to smash it, but I missed. I think that just made it angry. As it skittered onto my leg, I forced myself to wake up, breathing all heavy.

An oral surgeon IMed me. I asked if he could give a girl dental implants, like little cat fangs. I think I disturbed him.

I think fangs would be cute.

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