Friday, April 28, 2006

got cold

I'm feeling cold and lonely today.

Somewhat depressed. Though there's no good reason for it. Just one of those things, I suppose. Ah well.

I've been looking into the making of latex clothes and things like vacuum beds. I have no skill with tailoring clothes or making patterns or anything like that, and I don't really have a workspace here large enough to do such things, not without risking getting rubber cement all over the floor or carpet. It would be pretty cool to be able to dress up a rubber doll without spending 1000's of extra dollars, but then again, homemade stuff would never look as nice as an expert's. Don't have a doll to dress up, either.

In addition to the latex stuff, I occasionally get a bug to learn about things like life-casting and mold-making.. to make statues or prosthetics or whatever one can make with such skills. I also get wondering about making little fetish or bondage figurines. I might be able to sell those, even. I look up a lot of stuff online, but it's easier to learn how to do such things by being taught by someone else. I haven't been able to find any place locally that can teach such things. I wish I had thought to try to learn this stuff when I lived in LA--where better?--but I didn't have creative ambitions in this direction back then.

None of it is simple, and taken altogether, downright intimidating. It's difficult to know where to start. I'm afraid I tend to overwhelm myself with such thoughts and end up doing nothing at all.

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