Monday, April 10, 2006

The Indecisive Decorator

Went for another wood walk. I tend to do a lot of that. Walking, that is. The sun was just setting, the air was early Spring cool, the flowers all abloom. I saw lots more caterpillars.. they just amuse me to no end. Even found the motherload of about 25 milling around on a stone wall under some evergreen tree. But there were lots more dead on the pathway. Don't humans ever watch where they're putting their reckless, clumsy feet? I'm glad I'm not one.

Based on my experience at Linen's N Things and Lowes today, while looking for things for the new playroom, it seems I could start my own home improvement tv show: The Indecisive Decorator. I'd go to somebody's needy house and stand in a room for an hour, deep in thought. At the end, I'd move a lamp or something a few inches to the left, then change my mind and move it back. Now that's must-see-tv.

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