Tuesday, March 7, 2006

A goodly day

Yay! The new playroom is coming along nicely. Finally settled on some cheap oak plank flooring in a nice dark brown. I couldn't find any of the laminate stuff that was nice, at least not for an equivilant price. The archway is done and real walls have gone up to replace the scary 70's paneling. And, while it took a deal of hemming and hawing, I decided on a crown moulding for both rooms. It's coming along, I say. Still haven't decided on a paint or a carpet. I've got my eye on a light pink I kinda like, but none have jumped out at me. May have to settle. Track lighting would have been prohibitively expensive, so I went with something simpler.

Also today I got the new Harry Potter dvd, as well as Mirrormask and Howl's Moving Castle- a kind of weird but cute anime.

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