Thursday, March 16, 2006


Darnit.. livejournal messed with my format and I can't get it back to the way it was.   Sigh!
Well, anyway.  I went to pick out some play room carpet with a slave friend, whose color sense is better than mine.  She was a huge help to me.  I think I finally found just the right carpet.  Although, the saleslady apparently assumed we were a couple.. hilarity insued.  Quiet, snickering hilarity, anyway.  I got her a malt which was hard to suck.  A most enjoyable afternoon.

Unfortunately, my dinner was a letdown.  I decided on Sonic, cause I was in the mood for corndogs.  They were out of corndogs.  So I got a large tots.  Then on the way home the bag fell over and 70 percent of the tots went tumbling to the car floor.  That was disappointing.

Remember to close your bags tightly!

I like redbuds.  They're so pretty this time of year, with their little purple flowers. They're all over the place, too.

The moon was really cool tonight. Big and fullish, with tendrils of backlit clouds creeping across.. all behind black, bare branches. Very moody.

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