Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tumbling and Booking

Ah, October. I feel a bit more myself once the dry leaves go skittering down the sidewalks.

My Dollies! I've recently started up a Tumblr, which can be found here  It's just for fun, at the moment mostly for the reblogging of things that catch my eye, and occasionally for thoughts too brief to make a whole post about here. Give me a follow, why not?

Also, I'm considering putting some stories up for sale ebook style, also with paperback versions. What do you think? Leave a comment! If I do publish, I'll be relying on you lovely persons for positive book reviews (assuming, of course, they are deserving of such).


Anonymous said...

I have no idea how well your stories would do, or how much actual money is to be made in eBooks. I will say that people are charging money for stuff that's not nearly as good as what you have given us for free.


Anonymous said...

Well, I don't think I'm objective enough to do a proper book review but I can certainly do positive ones. Best Wishes.

Unknown said...

Yes, please publish your stories. I would eagerly buy both an ebook and a physical copy of "eudeamon" in English please, I just read the pdf of it again 2 nights ago, about the 20th time I've read it. I will admit it brings me to tears each and every time I do read it. Just truthfully a wonderously emotional story. Please write a sequal, PLEASE, please not too dark a story for the sequal don't spoil the beautiful emotional ride we have had with eudeamon with making the sequal or "sequals" darker and more vindictive.

Hope to see more stories from you anyway. Again PLEASE do publish, if I knew how i'd see if the Italian publisher will print me an English copy of it. But I'll wait to see if you get it published in English.


Anonymous said...

It would certainly be nice to read some new stuff if you have any :D