Monday, April 9, 2012

Stifled Creativity!

You know what would be awesome-keen?  Making a game.  More specifically, a game based off my li'l Slave Role Generator.  Maybe like an isometric Sims sort of game, where you have this mansion that you build up over time, populated with these little slaves and the guests who've come to use them... income based on the happiness of the guests mainly due to the quality and variety of slaves. 

You could build and maybe decorate gardens and rooms with specific purposes, like different dungeons, bedrooms, dining room and kitchen, pony slave stable.  And of course all the different slaves would need their own dorms.  Maybe use seamstress slaves to unlock more outfits?  You'd have to pay to acquire more slaves to raise the satisfaction level of the guests, and as the game progressed the randomly generated slave roles would become more diverse and you'd have to figure how to best utilize them.

And each little slave would have stats like Morale and Obedience that would affect their job performance and escape attempts, based on their training and how they were treated... whether they did their jobs well or wandered off a lot or broke down crying in the middle of the hallways.  You could have slave trainers and staff on the payroll to keep everything running smoothly, but those would later be replaced with Drone slaves who'd work for free, but wouldn't contribute much to satisfaction since they'd be brainwashed to the point of total obedience but be too robotlike to benefit morale.

Not sure there'd be a winning condition of the game, more like a sim game where the fun would be watching all the little characters go about their days, going to and fro doing tasks, interacting with each other as the mansion grew and grew and became more populated.  Zoom in and see someone beating up a punching bag slave, or the little gym slaves tied to treadmills, or a mummy slave getting wrapped up, or pony slaves pulling a cart through the adjacent forest trail, or sex slaves flirting and being fucked.  Loads of funny little animations to watch.  Generally a low-stress sorta game, like watching an aquarium.

Unfortunately... I cannot make computer programs.  Scripting language just doesn't stick in my head at all.  I tried to learn it once years ago - the Second Life language - didn't work.  Can't do Java at all.  And something like I described would require tons of scripting.  Scripting aside, I'm not much good at 3D modeling, or animating, or making textures.  And I'm not rich enough to pay someone else to do it all.  Heh.  I get a lot of ideas, but haven't the skill to bring most of it to fruition.  


Anonymous said...

try rpgmaker. A little basic, nit 3d etc, but you make something along those lines.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you'd have to divide your time and energy between acquiring new slaves and managing the ones you already have. Or something. THere's probably an actual computer game in there somewhere, but I'm not the person who could write it.

Pop Tart

Anonymous said...

I can code in c and HTML. And perl perhaps icould help Erika if interested email me

Kiriko said...

Just a Latexdoll saying "hello"...

Remember your "Doll Diary"? Its still part of our lessons *smile*